A Brown Girl’s Guide To The Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Alle's guide was great, but we all know these colors look completely different--though equally gorgeous--on darker skin.
Publish date:
January 16, 2014
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You know how Alle got a Naked3 palette for Christmas? Well, I had
to go out and get one myself. I live-tweeted my expedition to
go in search for it while I was in South Jersey for the holidays, but
unfortunately, my efforts were in vain because it was completely wiped
from the shelves wherever I went.

I eventually ordered it online, twiddled my thumbs for my new baby to come,
and it’s
now been two weeks since I’ve started fiddling with it.

When it
comes to my makeup purchases, I don’t spend a lot of money on eyeshadows
simply because I don’t wear a lot of eye makeup on a day-to-day basis. It’s
much easier swiping off a lip colour you don’t fancy than trying to correct a
blunder when you’re close to finishing an eye look.

That said, the first Naked palette--the first eyeshadow palette I
purchased myself--has remained a staple in my makeup kit; and while I didn’t
bother with Naked2, Naked3’s allure was too strong to resist. I
mean, rose gold hues on brown skin? I’m sold, baby, I’m sold.

I’m not a big fan of the matte shades on my skin, and I don’t
see myself using them much if at all, but I love all the other shades. (I would’ve preferred an all-shimmery palette, because, glitter, duh.)

As with Alle’s
tutorial, I’ve kept my base the same for the three looks I'll show you. (My skin has been
trying to recover from the crazy amount of flying I did during the month of
December, so I apologise for its sorry state.)

LOOK #1: Buzz, Factory & Dust

This look is great for a dressy daytime event, or if your job allows
it, like mine does, it can even be a look for work on days when you know you’re
going to be heading out in the evening.

I started with Buzz, a coppery rose colour with a frosted sheen
on my lids. It is easily my favourite colour in the entire palette.

I then
added Factory, a medium dark brown with a pearly finish, on my outer lids.

finished it with Dust, a pale pink with both silver and gold glitter, in my
inner corners. Dust has a lot of fall-out, so dampen your brush a tad before
you put it on.

I finished the look with one of my favourite nude lipsticks, MAC’s

LOOK #2: Liar & Trick

This look is something I’ve actually never done for myself until I got this palette. I tend to stick to gold or darker hues when it
comes to eye makeup, but this brightens my eyes.

I also accidentally stabbed
myself in the eye so that will explain my red eye in some photos henceforth.

I used Liar all over my lids and to line my lower lid as well.
Liar looks like a shimmery mauve shade in the palette, but as you can see, on
my skin, it gives off more of a pinkish hue.

I added Trick, a rosy copper
shimmer in the inner corner of my eyes and finished it with a cat eye.

For my lips, I used a lip colour Alle gave me, Maybelline
Colorsensational Vivids in Vivid Rose.

LOOK #3: Trick & Blackheart

This one is for times when you want to go all high-octane
glamourzonian. I started with Trick in the middle of my lids.

Then I used Blackheart in the inner and outer corner of my eyes.

Remember to blend like your life counted on it. (It does.)

lined my lower eye line with Blackheart as well and finished it off with MAC’s
Dark Side on my lips.

And now, you guys can have the soapbox. Do you have a favourite
Naked palette? Do you already own Naked3, and what have you been using?