Urban Decay's 24/7 Lip Liner Needs No Accoutrement

This discovery was a happy accident.
Publish date:
August 7, 2014
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I have what my mom likes to call a “rosebud mouth.” Meaning, in essence, that while it may be pristinely shaped, it’s iiiiitty bitty!

Because of this, I’m a big fan of compensating with bold lip color. Toss me an eye-melting fuchsia or a bruise-y teen goth purple and I’m all about it. But red is my one true love.

I’m always on the prowl for my next bloody blue-red, and when I find a really good one, I can’t help but nab it.

Cut to a recent day when I spent my lunch hour perusing the closest Sephora, as I am wont to do (even when I'm low on $$$). After swooning over some lip crayons by NARS and Tarte, I wandered toward the Urban Decay wall. There I spotted UD's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in a gorgeous matte red called 69.

It looked a little skinny to be a lip crayon (as I mistakenly thought it was), but the color was so vivid and the application was so smooth that I let go of my hesitation and bought it anyway.

Later that night, when I was rarin' to hit the town, I busted out my handsome new red and read the label more closely.

Oof. I didn't spend $20 on a lip crayon. I spent $20 on a lip pencil.

That's what I get for letting Sephora's witchery bewilder my senses. Sure, I could have tucked that still-wrapped sucker away and returned it. But that would have involved a trip back to the store, which I had neither the time nor the desire for just then. Ah, laziness, thou art both my bane and my blessing.So I indulged my lazy (and stubborn) side and used the pencil as a lip crayon. And, oh man, am I glad I did!

Turns out, with a little patience and precision, this little guy can be an all-over lip color. Once you’ve gone over the outer lip line to your satisfaction, just start moving inward until you’re all filled in. It goes on nice and smooth and stays put. The first time I used it, it held on tight for five or six hours before fading, pretty evenly I might add. No bleeding, no feathering, no flakes, no nothing!

Plus, the fact that it is a liner means my Cupid’s bow looks sharp as a freakin’ tack. The one warning I will give is that once you’re penciled in, the color is pretty dry. You can’t do the usual smush-your-lips-together-to-even-out-the-color lipstick move, so it’s good to give your mouth a thorough once-over to make sure you didn’t miss any little nooks or crannies.

Feeling a little more on the shiny side? You can hang onto the color and add varying degrees of glisten with a quick swipe of lip balm or gloss on top (I used some favorites from Love + Toast: their Lip Butter, then their Tinted Lip Glaze in Bad Habit). The pencil layer stays put remarkably well!

You can also use the pencil to create a base layer to anchor and amp up another favorite red. It adds a little extra oomph of color underneath, and it keeps the whole shebang from fading too fast. Below, I layered it under one of my other go-tos, BITE Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pomegranate.

For a red lip enthusiast like myself, this snazzy little pencil is doing its job-- and then some.

Have you had any recent “make lemonade” beauty moments? Any products you’ve been able to utilize beyond their ascribed duties?