Under-Eye Sparkle: Because You've Been Looking For A Reason To Glue Stuff To Your Lower Lid

Oh, you haven't been looking for a reason to glue stuff to your lower lid? OK, I'll show you a no-glue option, too.
Publish date:
January 28, 2014
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I was scrolling endlessly through Pinterest as I am wont to do 60% of the time I am on my computer, and happened upon this image from Elle Spain.

This is the perfect look for those of us who want to have fun with some sparkle but often find its impact getting lost--or at least diminished--when we open our eyes. Well, I’m not having it anymore. This sparkle is front and center and will not be ignored.

This is not a look for wallflowers, and I say that as a self-proclaimed wallflower. Makeup that subtly enhances your natural beauty is all well and good, but sometimes I just want to have fun with shouty, glamorous makeup.

I tried a few different variations of this look; pick the one you like the most and get your butt to the club. (Side note: I have never been “clubbing” in my life and I’m beginning to suspect that “clubbing” is one of those made-up movie things, like how people in movies always hang up the phone without saying goodbye.)

First, I tried it with two different kinds of glitter eyeliner, gold and silver. I liked the gold more; it’s from e.l.f. so obviously, it’s super-cheap, but it’s thick and awesome.

Now, this look is totally customizable, so you can do whatever you want, but I do recommend putting the glitter over black eyeliner to make it stand out. I used my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion to draw a thin line along my upper lid and then a slightly thicker line along my bottom water line.

This is what it looks like before blending it.

So yeah, not the best look. It’s pretty harsh. Don’t worry, though, because next we’re going to take a small brush and smudge the eyeliner to soften it up a bit. My brush is from e.l.f. too. I’M CHEAP AND I LIKE IT, OK?

Once that’s done, just take your glitter eyeliner and apply it thickly along the bottom eyeliner.

If you want to extend the line upwards into a subtle cat-eye shape, feel free; that’s what I did. I also applied some gold eyeshadow from my e.l.f. palette to complete the look.

I did the exact same thing with my silver/clear glitter eyeliner from H&M and a light silvery shade from my e.l.f. palette.

This eyeliner looks pretty clear in the tube but looks very blue once I put it over black eyeliner. I’m OK with that.

Finally, I tried to recreate the look with crystals like in the original. The glitter is fine if you don’t happen to have tiny crystals lying around to stick under your eyes, but I really recommend that you go and get yourself some if that’s the case IMMEDIATELY, ‘cause look how awesome this turned out.

Oh wait, I have to tell you how I did it.

So, same thing with the smudged black eyeliner first. Then take your crystals (mine are Eye Stones Crystal Decorations from H&M) and stick them onto the bottom eyeliner in a neat line. Easier said than done. You can use tweezers if you’d like but I just used my fingers because I have tiny child’s hands.

I didn’t even have to use glue because these crystals were adhesive, but I suggest using some eyelash glue if you want to ensure they stay on all night.

You can see that I didn’t take the crystals all the way to the inner corners of my eyes, but that’s just because I’m lazy. I bet if you had a set of crystals of various sizes, it’d look awesome if you went from the largest at the outer corners of your eyes to the smallest at the inner corners.

And that’s it! The crystals under my eyes sort of reminded me of Twiggy’s thickly drawn-on bottom eyelashes, except this is the glamourous 2014 version.

I’m totally in love with this look. Now somebody take me "clubbing" so I have an excuse to wear it.