Turn A Messed Up Cat Eye Into A Totally-On-Purpose-Looking Smoky Eye

Running out of time? Don't start over! I'll show you how to make a small adjustment to your eyeliner plan to get an entirely acceptable look.
Publish date:
April 15, 2013
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Y'all, I'm a beauty editor. That doesn't mean I'm a makeup artist. Sure, I was the one who did everyone's age-inappropriate makeup at middle school sleepovers, but I don't have any particularly fancy-schmancy skills.

So, as much as I love how winged eyeliner looks, I get it right maybe twice out of every 10 tries. I used to take a makeup remover wipe to the screwed up wing, but that meant reapplying the foundation, the concealer, the eyeshadow, AND the liner. Eff that.

Instead, I now turn my crappier cat-eye attempts into a quick and convincing smoky eye. Here's how:

Got any questions? Any improvements on my technique? Do tell!