The Accidental Way I Found a Truly Waterproof Eyeliner, Plus COTW!

Spoiler: it involved getting rained on while walking through Central Park.
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October 18, 2015
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My boyfriend Josh and I recently saw one of our favorite bands, Chvrches, play in Central Park. It was a great concert: not only did the lead singer Lauren Mayberry give me some serious makeup inspiration in the form of her bedazzled under-eye area, but she also delivered an awesomely feminist smack-down to a heckler. If only every woman could shut down cat-callers via microphone--you know, like on your daily route to work. Just publicly shame them.

Anyway, I got off-topic. Near the end of the concert, it started to rain. By the time the concert was over and we were making our way out of Central Park, it was downright pouring. In case you've never been, let me assure you: getting out of Central Park is not a quick stroll. Plus my feet hurt.

I probably made a really sad picture as I limped through the torrential rain in the dark, but I had a secret triumph that made me hold my head high once we got to the crowded streets: my boyfriend had informed me that my cat-eye was still perfect. Sure, the rain had flattened my hair and washed away my foundation, but my new liquid eyeliner stayed put through it all.

I actually only bought this Tarte Precision Longwear Liner because I needed to replace my old favorite (Stila Stay All Day Liner) and the Tarte liner was half-off at Ulta.

It was a pretty risky move, but it sure paid off. I even tested it again for these photos to prove that it wasn't a fluke, and no matter how much water I dumped on my head the liner stayed. The things I do for you guys.

There's actually just one small flaw with this liner, and that's the fact that it inexplicably has a tendency to smudge onto my brow bone (thanks to my oily lids and hooded eyes). HOWEVER, if I use primer, it's not an issue. So just be sure to wear primer!

Now it's time for your best Comments of the Week!

We got some good ones this week; you've been on fire.

1. "dijonesque" should be in charge of writing every dry shampoo review ever:

The best cheapie dry shampoo is the Göt2b one. It's got some kind of "rock star" type name and it's the biz. Smells great, cheap af, often on a buy one, get one half off sale at cvs, and doesn't leave a white cast or crunchy texture. Pantene is, in my opinion, complete butt garbage. It just weighs my hair with residue and does nothing to help with oil. Still worse though is tresemme. The worst of butt garbages. It actually dampens the hell out of your hair so now your waves are up to no good and your scalp grease remains chillin. Suave is good but kind of heavily perfumed, so if you stink (no judgment, god loves the stinky) it's a good choice. Love, a dirty girl with thin fine hair who stays touching her bangs despite knowing better.

2. GASP, "Miriam Harris." It's OBVIOUSLY just a fancy lipstick... that can totally be reused in a kinky manner, you're completely right.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I just think those louboutin lipsticks look like butt plugs

3. "Loren" has a good hair-drying method to share with everyone:

Your bangs look amazing. I am a fan of the 'faux-dry' personally. That is where you leave the house with your hair still wet because you are late for work, turn the blowers in your car up really high, then just kinda put your head near them while you are driving to work.

4. I am really hoping "K-Lyn" posts a picture of her awesome group Halloween costume:

A local bar does trivia nights here and on the one right before Halloween they do a group costume contest. This year our team is going as the dinner party from Beetlejuice. So excited.

5. Ding ding ding! "Vicious Trollop" guessed the correct answer to Marci's question about which body part makes the best lipstick color. This was her prize.

Nipples. I think nipples are our best bet, as far as lipstick colors go. Your perfect nude should match your nipples! Let's make this a thing, the packaging would be OUTRAGEOUS.

6. "sybilvain" also deserves a COTW award for her comment on the same nipple/lipstick subject:

I can see it now:

Sephora employee: "Can I help you find anything?"

Sybil: Flops boobs out onto counter, gets escorted out of store by security.

  • What would you say to cat-callers if you had a microphone and they didn't?
  • Which musical artist do you get beauty inspiration from?
  • What's your favorite waterproof liner? How did you find out it was really, REALLY waterproof?