I Judged a Makeup Brand By Its Packaging, and I Regret It

Or why I'm officially hooked on tre'StiQue Cosmetics.
Publish date:
October 9, 2015
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A couple months ago, I received the tre'StiQue Kona Coffee Mini Shadow Crayon in my Ipsy bag. At first sight, I wasn't particularly impressed. In fact—and I'm going to be honest with you—I was kind of turned off by the convoluted name (what does it mean?), and I thought that the packaging leaned gimmicky. I was so put off that I was hesitant to even give the product a fair trial.

Then, on one fateful morning, I couldn't find my go-to brown eyeliner and had to devise a new plan for my face. (You all understand the graveness of such a potential catastrophe, I'm sure.) But there, sitting within arm's reach, was the tre'StiQue shadow crayon I'd passed on so many times before.

I took off the cap and did a quick swatch on the back of my hand. Huh, I thought to myself as the product glided on smoothly. I took the plunge and carefully applied it to my upper lash line. With the help of an angled eyeliner brush, I smoked it out and into my lashes, and then stood back to take a look. NOT BAD AT ALL.

That was the day my tre'StiQue collection would yearn to grow, and grow it did. I've since accumulated all of the products pictured above. The Belize Bordeaux Matte Lip Crayon is my favorite and has earned me countless compliments, even from you babes here. And the Swiss Chocolate Eyeliner is something I've been wearing almost every single day since I received it. Same story for the blush.

The packaging that once turned me off is now something with which I'm obsessed. The products are so convenient to use, and they are so pretty when worn.

St. Barths Pink Color & Contour Cheek Stick, $34

This is a really easy one to throw in my overnight bag (as is everything else). I typically apply to my cheek bones, as pictured, and then blend it out with my fingers.

The St. Barths pink creates a natural warmth and isn't too candied.

Venetian Gold Shadow Crayon

My primary concern with the shadow crayons was creasing. However, I always apply this on top of an eyeshadow primer and haven't had any creasing problems. The product glides on smoothly and stays creamy long enough to blend out. It then dries, thereby reducing creasing likelihood, and stays put through the day.

I'm pretty handsy when it comes to makeup application, so I blend with my fingers. However, this product comes with a sponge blender on the opposite end.

Kona Coffee Mini Shadow Crayon

This one came in my Ipsy bag, so I think it's limited-edition. The full-size, however, is available on the tre'StiQue website for the standard $26.

To add dimension to my eyes, I applied this to my crease line and outer corners and then blended out.

Swiss Chocolate Line, Sharpen & Smudge Eye Pencil

Umm... guys. This eyeliner has HG potential. It is so creamy, so durable, and so easy to apply, and it is just the most perfect chocolate-y brown you've ever laid eyes on.

I love that it comes with the sharpener (though I rarely have to use it) and a smudge tool. Clearly very well-thought-out.

Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayons

Here's the finished look with a nude lip using the Nantucket Nude. It's a slightly orange-y nude, as you can see.

And here's the look with Belize Bordeaux, which I'm crazy about. I love wearing it matte, and I cannot tell you how many times it's been complimented by friends and strangers alike.

The brand makes six different colors of their lip crayons, each with a matte color on one end and a gloss on the other. I've only tried these two, but I plan to try the others given my satisfaction.

So that's my story of judging a product by its packaging and not giving it a fair shot. I was honestly shocked at how much I loved the shadow crayon, and then the eyeliner, blush and lip crayons absolutely blew me out of the water. So a slap on the wrist for me, but a lesson well learned.

  • Have you ever been truly surprised by a product?
  • Has anyone tried tre'StiQue?
  • What's product pictured here are you most likely to try?