These Mascaras Are Like Transformers For Makeup Lovers

Twist the cap and they instantly change shape!
Publish date:
March 25, 2016
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I'm all about trying novel items, and I've recently discovered three mascaras that definitely fall into that category. I can't tell you how long they'll stick around or if they rest too much on gimmick, but I can tell you that they make my beauty routine more fun, and that the formulations are legit.

Fun fact: I actually came across the Too Cool for School transforming mascaras backstage at Libertine NYFW in February and was instantly intrigued as I watched the makeup artists work. Then, when I visited the xoVain headquarters later in the week, Marci handed me a small box of mascaras to look through and insisted I cover something. I picked through the lot and found yet another transforming mascara, by Pacifica, and that is the moment this post was conceived.

Out of the three mascaras I'm talking about today, this one has the most obvious transformation.

I use it in the default position when applying mascara to my top lashes. Then, with one click, it turns into a slightly curved wand, which allows you to create better curled lashes. If you click it one more time, you get the super-curved wand, which is perfect for your bottom, harder-to-reach lashes and the outer-corner top lashes. I find that it's actually is easier to apply mascara to my bottom lashes when it's completely curved, and that I'm less likely to get product on my skin.

The formulation is really nice. It's silky and not too wet, even brand-new, which translates to easier application and less clumping. It stays put throughout the day and the finish is natural-looking.

The second mascara I'm talking about is also by TCFS and is already available at Sephora for $25. I found the formulation similar to the mascara above: silky, non-clumping, not too wet and easy to apply with a light, natural finish.

The primary difference is how it transforms. In its squat, default position, you can easily build up volume, while in the completely outstretched position, you can separate, lift and lengthen.

This Pacifica mascara has the same idea as the TCFS Escalator mascara. The formulation is a lot wetter than TCFS's mascara, though, so it makes it more challenging to apply, in my opinion. With that said, it's less expensive and contains natural plant fibers that help to really lengthen.

So the upside to these mascaras is that they're fun to mess around with, and the formulations deliver. They also come in handy if you find yourself switching mascaras within one "getting ready" session because you're trying to achieve curl, volume and separation all at once. I can't find anything wrong with them, if I'm being completely honest.

If there's a downside, the only one would be that both formulations generally result in lighter, natural-looking lashes versus fluffy, super long, near-faux level lashes. Both kinds of finishes have their time and place, so it boils down to preference.

  • Do you think these are all gimmick, or do you see their usefulness?
  • Can we talk about the adorable TCFS packaging?
  • What's your ideal mascara wand shape?