Topshop's New Metallic Eyeshadows Initially Terrified Me, But Now I Love Them

When Anne-Marie asked me to try my hand at re-creating the eye look from Topshop's Ibiza Grunge summer collection, I was a bit nervous.
Publish date:
May 19, 2014
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I’ve never been the eyeshadow type. It's a product that just never worked out for me. I’m not sure if it was the colors I was using, or the way I was applying it, or a mixture of both, but I was never happy with the outcome.

These days, I only wear eyeshadow if my makeup is being done by a professional, and even then, only for special occasions.

So when Anne-Marie asked me to try my hand at re-creating the eye look from Topshop's Ibiza Grunge summer collection, I was a bit nervous.

So nervous that I was going to sneak and ask my friend to apply it for me just to get out of doing it myself, but the guilt would have lived with me forever. Petty, I know. But what can I say. I’m an honest person!

Instead, I just took a deep breath and went for it. I know you think I’m being dramatic. It’s just eyeshadow, after all. But it’s eyeshadow that I have to apply and present to you. That’s tough! Especially since I know y’all are going to let me have it in the comments if you see blending imperfections, but I’m prepared.

Thanks to Topshop’s Beauty Consultant, Hannah Murray, I was able to complete this look by following the easy-ish steps she sent me.

I say easy-ish, because even though Hannah's application method requires using just your fingers to blend out the eyeshadow, there was a lot of layering going on, so my first shot at this had me looking like a metallic Ronald McDonald (no photo, no way).

It was so bad that I had to wait a day before I was able to bring myself to try again, but then I finally got it.

First, I used Topshop Molten Eyes in Pocket Money, which is a metallic silver, in the inner corners of the eyes, then applied Molten Eyes in Lilac Rain, a shimmering lilac, across the entire lid, with some extra on the lash line.

Next, I smudged Grunge Stick in Unkempt (a glittery black stick shadow; it also comes in a sick green called Go Go), into my outer upper and lower lashes to give my them a subtle glittery effect.

And last, I packed on Chameleon Glow eyeshadow in Shuffle The Cards, a shimmery metallic rose gold, and started blending away.

Add to that a coat of mascara, 3D Curve, and there you have it: A metallic, blinged-out eye look for all your summer festivities and festival needs.

Molten Eyes and Chameleon Glow will be available June 5th, so prepare for it now.

What do you think? Did I nail the Ibiza Grunge eye look? Should I keep wearing eyeshadow? And what are some of your best eyeshadow blending tips? Because these metallic formulas are no joke.