The Genius Primer You Need If You Love Wearing Glitter

Especially if you want that glitter to stay put on your eyelids.
Publish date:
December 30, 2013
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Some might say this glitter thing is getting out of control. At
this rate, there's been a glittery post almost every day here on xoVain lately. But you
know what I say? There is no such thing as too much glitter, especially during
this time of year!

The only issue I find with glittery looks is making them
last. I
love my Sephora Collection Glittering Eye Duo, but I find the solid primer a
little hard to work with. I am obsessed with Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter, but
they come with no form of adhesive whatsoever, and craft store glitters
obviously have same issue (though I try to avoid craft glitter on my eyes,
cheeks can be quite lovely).

Most of the time, my glitter all goes into the
creases of my eyelids, or the tiny pieces of magical dust fall directly into my
eye and all over my face, which can be uncomfortable, to say the least.

Luckily for all us unicorn wannabes, Too Faced understands our glitter struggle. They have an awesome product
specifically designed to keep those pretty but pesky chunks of sparkle exactly
where you want them. They call it Glitter Glue.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue is sold in a pretty
little squeeze tube. A glitter bonding eyeshadow primer, this product is
literally like beige tinted glue. I'm serious--it feels like glue, sort of
looks like glue, and works just like glue. Luckily, it doesn't quite smell like
glue (sorry, no glue sniffing opportunities here), but everything else about it
is strangely paste-like.

I was a bit scared to put it on my eye at first, so I
tried it on my arm first with some different kinds of glitter.

The primer comes out super sticky, but softens a bit after you
put it on your skin. It held my three kinds of glitter perfectly in the lines
that I had created for them on my arm. It was so exciting! Obviously I had to
try it on my eyes.

I softly applied the primer to my eyelid with my finger (you
can put it on your skin directly, or on top of an eyeshadow you'd like to add
glitter to), then applied a layer of Too Faced's "Pink Fire" Glamour Dust with an eyeshadow brush.

Glamour Dust turned out to be more shimmer than sparkle. It was
super pretty, and stayed in the right place, but I wanted a bit more of a
glittery effect, so I applied a bit of primer on top of the glamour dust and
carefully patted on Sephora's iridescent eye glitter with a small brush.

The result was perfect, and best of all, it really stayed put. The best part? You so don't have to limit this product to your
eyes. Comb some into your brows and glitter them! Glitter your lips with it!
Draw cool shapes on your cheeks and pour glitter over them!

This product is every bit as versatile as
real life elementary school glitter glue, only this time the fun project is
your face.