Brow Powder, Gel, Pencil And Wax In A Single Duh-Proof Formula

Too Faced has figured out how to give you darker, thicker brows for 24 hours at a time.
Publish date:
February 3, 2014
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When it comes to types of products I don’t really have in my makeup repertoire already, I tend to get a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options out there for every kind of plumping, straightening, tightening and darkening that I may desire, it’s hard to choose which way to turn without spending hours on the internet reading reviews.

In the case of eyebrow products, I’ve always just sort of bought whatever random product is suggested to me in a store. I had a tube of eyebrow gel for awhile, then a Benefit pencil, but both ran out, and for a long time I went without anything at all (except glitter, of course).

But when Emmett showed up a few weeks back with his own NARS eyebrow pencil, it suddenly clicked that I was sort of missing a key product in my makeup bag--I mean, even my boyfriend had one!

Too Faced was kind enough to send me their new Bulletproof Brows set to try. When it first arrived in my mailbox, I was a little unsure. Were bold, dark brows really my thing? Wasn’t I more of a light/bleached/coloured brows kind of girl? This internal dialogue was silly, of course (brow darkening products wash right out, duh) but I had it, anyway.

Finally, I cracked open the box and went to work.

Bulletproof Brows is a two-part set containing everything a rookie like me would need to darken their brows for a day. It comes with a handy double-ended spoolie and angle brush combo, and a little pot of product with a built-in mirror.

The product itself is described as “cashmere clay"--a formula that claims to act as powder, gel, pencil and setting wax all at once. The texture is thick, smooth, and easy to apply, and in a minute sets to make your newly thickened brows waterproof and smudge-proof for 24 hours.

I opted for Universal Taupe, the lighter colour, and though it was still a lot darker than my normal brows, it was a nice change. I used the angle brush to fill in and create a thicker shape, then went over each brow with the spooly brush to comb the product through.

The result was a natural-ish bolder brow, and the product really stayed put as promised. Though I probably won’t be using this product every day, it’s definitely my new go-to for those big bold brow special occasions.

What do you use on your brows?