Tone Down Shimmery Eyeshadow With This Magic Primer

Perfect for when your shadow is way too shiny but you still really want to wear the color.
Publish date:
October 29, 2013
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Picture me saying this like an infomercial voiceover:

HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? You have the perfect eyeshadow color for the makeup look you're trying to achieve, but it's way too shimmery, and you want a less shine.

I know it's a silly problem, but even silly problems matter. Sort of. Maybe read a newspaper and get some perspective. I'll be here when you get back.

OK, ready to talk about eyeshadow? Onward!

So, yes, sometimes you love a shimmery eyeshadow color, but you'd love to wear it with less... how you say... shimmer. How can you subtract said shimmer from the color? Is there something you can put on top to go from sparkly to just glowy?

Surprisingly, you can do it with something you put on before the eyeshadow.

Bellapiere Makeup Base is a little jar of wonder--and botanical oils and kaolin clay and natural waxes--that you apply to your lids as an eyeshadow primer. Like most eyeshadow primers, it helps eyeshadow stay on longer, but it has an additional, super-duper neat-o-rama power: It tones down shimmer to a more pearlescent finish.

The instructions are way easy. You just apply it "with a clean finger"--which immediately makes me think of why a finger could be dirty, and now I'm a little grossed out--where you intend to apply your eyeshadow. Then, using an eyeshadow brush, just apply the shadow as you normally would.

Bellapiere says Makeup Base "helps transform all of our shimmer powders from shimmery to matte," but I didn't have one of their shimmer powders, so I used a product with near-identical ingredients to test it out: Jesse's Girl Eye Dust, a loose mineral eyeshadow, in Hi Ho Silver.

(Also, it doesn't get fully matte, so don't get too excited about getting it totally unreflective.)

I applied the shadow to my right lid without Makeup Base. I guess that makes it the control lid?

Then applied Makeup Base to my left lid...

Followed by the same shadow.

Here's what they look like side-by-side.

Pretty cool, right? Of course now I have one disco eye and one office-appropriate eye for the rest of the day, but whatever.

Would this be a useful addition to your eyeshadow collection? At $12, it definitely pays for itself when you get so much more use out of shadows you already have, right?