OPEN THREAD: What's in a Name?

Or rather, what's your name on?
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December 11, 2015
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For a while now, I've been trying to get Sable to write a roundup of makeup colors that share her name. There really are quite a few, especially since there a quite a few meanings of the word sable; it could refer to the shade of brown fur on the animal of the same name or the color of sand (that's what sable means in French), or it could simply mean black (though that's sort of archaic and literary).

Not all of us have names that naturally lead a double life as a color. (Ambers and Olives have all the fun!) Plenty of makeup brands choose women's non-color names as shade names, though, and as much as I find it frustrating when a product's name gives no hint to what the color might actually be, it must be fun to find a lipstick with your name on it.

I say it "must be" because I've never actually found a "Marci" shade of lipstick. Apparently, an Australian beauty brand called Ali Hamylton used to make a sheer red called Marci, but alas, it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

NARS is a great example of a brand that gives its lipstick colors ladynames. Audacious comes in 40 shades that give you no idea what the color actually is by label alone. "Jane," for example, is a terra-cotta rose shade. "Geraldine" is tangerine — maybe because that rhymes? Who knows! But if my name was Geraldine, I'd be orange-lipped every damn day because I was clearly meant to wear that lipstick.

Tom Ford Beauty is the latest to play the name game, expanding their 25-shade Lips & Boys collection into a 50-shade collection. And, as you might have guessed from the line's title, the colors all have traditionally male names.

I asked the good, glamorous folks at Tom Ford to send me "David" and "Austin" because those are my boyfriend's first and middle names, but they kindly threw in "Daniel" as well.

I would've photographed myself wearing it for you, but then I realized I sit right next to a much better modeling candidate: XO's new managing editor (perhaps you met him over in Jane's Open Thread a couple weeks ago), Dan!

Although he pretty much never goes by his non-shortened name and typically saves lipstick for Halloween (he went as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz this year), he didn't hesitate to swipe on his namesake color for today's Open Thread.

I think he was disappointed that it wasn't one of the bolder shades in the collection — like Drake, a metallic wine, or Roman, a sparkly brown-black — but I think it's actually quite nice on him.

So for today's Open Thread, I ask you, [your name here]:

  • Do you have any makeup shades that share your name?
  • What color lipstick would you want your name on?
  • Which Tom Ford Lips & Boys color do you want to slather all over your mouth most?