The Bad Girl's Guide To Glitter

Is there anything more polarizing than glitter makeup?

People generally fall into two camps: pro-glitter, or those who get googly eyes and squeal at dog-crippling frequencies at the sight of all things sparkly, and glitter-phobic, or those who contort their faces at the very concept of such princess-playing fairy nonsense.

I was on team glitter-phobic for a long time. Like, why the hell would a grown woman wish to appear a daft pre-teen? Let's not forget: glitter was nearly the end of Mimi!

And then one recent day, glitter went all Sandra Dee on me and we drove off into the sky in my red convertible. Oh wait, I don’t have a red convertible. Whatever. I was like, “Wait, Glitter, you’re different now. Give me a second chance! I can show you the dark side…"

And so I bring to you, the unofficial Bad Girl's Guide to Glitter, or at least, three different looks from said unofficial guide.

1. The Headlights

This look was inspired by the girls at Alice McCall’s S/S 2015 Australian Fashion Week show. The look was "grunge-glitter," with models’ eyes painted in a soft, shimmery, smoky eye, with a hit of glitter in the inner corners. I did mine with a monochrome color scheme to focus on the light-reflecting aspect of the glitter.

First, I brushed some Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow in Pomegranate Punk all over my lid, extending a bit past the crease and lining my lower lashes too. Next, I lined my waterline with black pencil liner and smudged it into the eye shadow using the same brush. If you dot liner on your top lid--practically on top of your lash line--you can smudge it in with a brush to get a slept-in liner look.

For the glitter, I’m using MAC 3D Glitter in 3D Pink--it’s just loose glitter in a pot. I dabbed a tiny blob of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream onto the back of my hand, picked up some glitter with a concealer blush and blended the two together. This stuff is great because it's super thick and won’t run--not to mention it’s a great balm, impromptu eye gloss, or highlighter.

When the glitter was good and in there, I dabbed at the inner corners of my eyes, bringing the goop a bit outward and upward on my lower lash line and upper lid, respectively, being careful not to get any of it in my actual eye. The cool thing is that once you place it, the glitter will stay there--until you accidentally go to scrape an eye-booger out of your caruncle.

Apply a black mascara of your choice, some dark blush under them cheekbones, and voila: you’ve got yourself a set of high-beams on those peepers!

2. Future Bowie

This next look is kind of David Bowie as interpreted by Jemaine Clement. I stress the words "kind of."

First, I did my brows. Brows will be the only thing upon which people ascertain physical attractiveness in the future, don’t you know? I penciled them in more heavily than my usual “I don’t have a bald spot on my left brow” brow-job. I brushed them with a spooley brush to blur the hard pencil lines.

Next, I applied Urban Decay eye shadow in Space Cowboy. It’s this taupe/beige color that’s flecked with silver shimmer, so it’s like a sheer, neutral wash of glimmer.

Then, using Urban Decay eye shadow in Diamond Dog, which is a silvery brown, I painted a dramatic wing with a smudge brush, fading from my outer eyelid toward my temples. These colors work really well together since they have the same kind of silver shimmer to them. Sometimes shadows have either micro-shimmer or more chunky flecks; these have a mix of both.

Using the same method of glitter-gooping as before, I mixed MAC’s 3D Platinum glitter with the Eight Hour Cream. But this time I used a wider foundation brush, dabbing from the wing's edge toward my temples in one line.

I wanted the most concentration of glitter to be where it meets the eye shadow. From there, I just dabbed and spread it outwards, so it would kind of stardust its way to the side of my face. So this is Bowie circa 1972 during his Ziggy Stardust tour.

For lips, I kept things in the same neutral-silver color scheme with Maybelline lipstick in Maple Kiss. Cheeks got a dab of Eight Hour Cream on top of my cheekbones for a dewy highlight. In the future, everyone will have dew-face, so start getting used to it.

3. The Gutter Ball

This is a new take on an old standby. I’ve seen smoky upside-down cat-eyes and tattoo-sharp upside-down cat-eyes, but so far, none with glitter. I bought this Sephora Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara in Evening Blue on a whim. I’ve seen glitter liners of all ranges, and for the most part, I feel like they are usually comprised of clear goop and some bits of glitter floating around. Sephora’s version is not from concentrate, and very heavy on glitter distribution. Also, it has a translucent black base, so you get a much more opaque effect, and the formula is very buildable.

For this look, I started by again by lining my waterline and smudging into my lashes with black pencil liner. Then I swooped the glitter liner along my bottom lash line and used the little mascara brush to coat my bottom lashes with glitter.

It’s definitely on the subtle side if you’re glitter-ambivalent and looking to dabble. In my opinion, it's the easiest glitter tool to use, because you don’t have to worry about getting stuff everywhere--that is, unless you want it to.

I opted for a bright lip in MAC’s Pure Heroine and a wacky Minnie Mouse coif. Too bad I'm not living in '90s Indiana, because I would so wear this to a barn rave.

Are you pro-glitter or glitter-phobic? Do you have any tips and tricks to add to the Bad Girl’s Guide To Glitter?