xoVideo: Cut Your Makeup Routine Down To 3 Minutes

I've edited my summer makeup routine down to five products and three minutes.
Publish date:
July 22, 2014
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I don't do videos often, mainly because I get nervous and mess up too much. For example, while filming this video I accidentally introduced a mascara as 3-D instead of waterproof, and then promptly dropped the F-bomb. (Uh, that was edited out, obviously).

But because I can't brag about my three-minute makeup routine without actual proof, today's post is coming to you via video. Here's how I've done my makeup almost every day this summer. All it takes is three minutes and five products.

Okay, so the video is about four minutes, but the actual makeup application is just under three minutes. As I mentioned in the video, sometimes I add a cat-eye or a bright lip color, and I always begin with sunscreen if I know I'll be spending time outside. It's nice that my foundation and blush have SPF 30, but that's not always enough.

In case you missed it or can't watch the video at the moment, the five products I used are Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation in No. 1 (Fair to Light), Perricone MD No Blush Blush, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil, and CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara in Waterproof.

I'd love to hear about your summer makeup routine in the comments! What products are you using and how long does it take you?

Also, do you make a wrinkly face when you apply mascara? Please say yes.