3 Lip Glosses That Make The Perfect Ombré

I finally understand the ombré lip trend: it makes your kisser look plumper than a Christmas ham.

Anyone who makes an argument against grown women wearing lip gloss will certainly backpedal once they realize how lip glosses in this newfangled future time have evolved beyond cherry-flavored roll-ons.

Modern lip gloss delivers opaque color. Modern lip gloss has a long wear time. Modern lip gloss can even be sophisticated. You won’t feel embarrassed showing up to the party with modern lip gloss, telling everyone you invited it because you felt bad for it or something.

I'll admit, though, I have been skeptical of lip gloss, not so much because of ageism, but more on account of its gloppy, hair-trap reputation. So I was delighted to swipe on Vincent Longo's Meta Gloss, available in three metallic shades. (Metallics are making a comeback, by the way.)

The colors are fairly all-purpose: it only takes one coat for opaque coverage, and the texture is more like a cream than a liquid. For all intents and purposes, it’s as basically a lipstick with a super glossy finish. I'm going to show you all of the shades and then I'm going to layer them on for an ombré effect.

Rialto is a shimmery peach-copper that wouldn’t be out of place on a sun-kissed Playboy Bunny’s pout. Taking the “your lips but better” look up 10 notches with the added high-gloss factor is a fun way to experiment with a look I like to call “soft-core mouth sauce.”

Vincent Longo Meta Gloss in La Fiera: For The Sexy Mrs. Clause

Le Fiera, the standby red in the trio, is the kind of cheeky metallic red I’d expect to find accompanying a sexy Mrs. Clause getup. It's very “Jingle Bell Rock,” as performed by The Plastics. While I tend to take my reds warm and matte, a cool, glossy one such as this is a fun twist. To me, it updates the ubiquitous, shimmery hot pink lipsticks of the '80s and in a chic new way. Wearing it feels like graduating from mall crawl lips to Rodeo Drive.

Vincent Longo Meta Gloss in Verona: For The Leather-Clad Cyber Punk

Verona is my favorite of the three. It’s like a cyber punk dressed up in patent leather. The great thing about a blackberry-magenta shade like this (and most violet lipsticks I’ve admired) is that they look great no matter what the texture. The combination of purple lips with a shiny pearlescent finish is punky without being cartoonish and sexy without the corny-try-hard “candy apple” references.

Finally, The I-Couldn't-Resist-It Meta Gloss Ombré Lip

Since these three lip colors have perfect affinity for blendability--and because I’ve always wondered what my lips would look like as a 3D rendering of a bird of paradise flower--I couldn’t help but layer them into a magnificent ombré.

I understand the appeal of this ombré lips trend now, considering that it makes my lips look plumper than a Christmas ham and more colorful than a male peacock. Only catch is that I can’t eat or drink anything if I want to preserve the look, and I can only purse my lips together for about three times before the whole thing smears into itself. If I had naturally thicker lips I’d have more of a canvas for the blend, but perhaps the beauty in ombré is its transient nature, like sunset at the golden hour.

What are your favorite non-hair-trapping, non-gloppy lip glosses? Would you wear these fleeting ombré lips?