How I Adjust My Makeup To Convey Feelings To My Therapist

I have two main looks that I go for: the “Help me, I need you” and the “I’m in charge of my life.”

I have reinstated myself in therapy every Thursday, and
every Thursday morning, I carefully plan my makeup looks to suit what I need to
convey to my psychologist without actually saying it, partly because I’m
really bad at speaking about my childhood memories, but mainly because one
session costs roughly the same amount as two Chanel lipsticks, and I can’t
really afford to waste any time with something as stupid as words.

I have two main looks that I go for: the “Help me, I need you” and the “I’m in charge of my life.” Who said makeup wasn’t a form of self
expression, amiright or amiright?

The product lineup is quite minimal and, as
you can guess, the looks are really useful for a whole bunch of other
occasions, too.

"Help me, I need you."

This look
ideally screams, “I cried all of last night and I hate everything, lol.”

Minimal makeup here. Zero concealer. Like, maybe you just woke up five minutes
ago or you haven’t been in the sun for a while. If you can’t bear to go bare
(see what I did there? Hilars!), use a tinted moisturizer. I like MAC’s Studio
Moisture Tint SPF 15 for this reason--minimal coverage, but just a hint of it
to get rid of any yuckiness.

If you really want to be more vulnerable, use a
matte bronzer to contour. My favorite is Catrice’s Sun Glow Matt Bronzing
Powder. Suck your cheeks in and, using a contour brush, apply your bronzer
under the cheekbones. Do the same on either side of your nose and on either
side of the top of your forehead.

"I'm in charge of my life."

As the name suggests, this look conveys that things are looking up and you don’t need to be
babied. (Not that a bit of babying doesn’t go a long way--oh God, I have issues,
don’t I?) You need to assert your power, show your psychologist who’s the boss
of you (it’s you--you’re the boss of you).

A few weeks ago I found myself in a
session telling my psychologist about a really disturbing dream I had, in which
I wanted to do a smoldering emerald smoky eye for an event but didn’t have
time, so I instead settled for a trusty cat eye that eventually failed (traumz,
you guys). Freud and I concluded that the dream represented my lack of power,
because I always say that my cat eye is my power.

My psychologist concluded
something about masks and childhood, probably, but that’s not the point. The point
is that, obviously, the ultimate way to emulate control is with a cat eye.

I also mattify my makeup. Like, when did a woman in power ever use highlighter or
shimmery blush? Never.

For this look, I make sure I have my matte game on
by using my Inglot Cosmetics Mattifying Loose Powder 3S, but I apply with a big
fluffy brush instead of the powder puff it came with to avoid using too much. I also contour with a matte bronzer, as shown

For the piece de resistance, the cat eye. This is best achieved with a
liquid liner pen for ultimate control. I’m using Chanel’s Écriture De Chanel
Automatic Liquid Eyeliner in Noir (duh). It doesn’t smudge, but it is easy to
get off. A lot of ladies (not me, obviously)
struggle to get an amazing winged line, and I’m here to show you how easy it

First, line the top lid, starting from the outside in. Be
steady and don’t try to line it all in one go. Rather make small lines, because
your eyelid isn’t exactly the smoothest surface to work with.

Next, use the angle from the end of your eyebrows to the
corner of your eye and draw an even line from there to join the liner.

This may be a bit wonky (pictured here), but we are going to
correct in the next step, so don’t get your knickers in a knot.

Finally, fill in the wing to make it more even, and thicken
the liner as much as you want.


Do you guys match your makeup to your mood? Do you have a
therapist? Have you ever had a traumatic dream about liquid liner? Do tell.