These 2 Johnson's Baby Products Are Secretly The Best Eye-Makeup Removers

When you're low on money and counter space but addicted to waterproof mascara, these travel sizes are a must.
Publish date:
August 12, 2013
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I’m big on makeup removal. I believe it is such an important step in keeping skin clear because I’m so skeptical about the makeup removal claims of practically all facial cleansers with active ingredients. I want my skin to interact with these active ingredients, not slosh around with my day-old makeup and city debris.

I love the feeling of a clean face and waking up with no eye-makeup residue in the morning. In the daytime, I almost always wear some form of eye makeup. I am a crier, and my eyes tend to water at the slightest breeze, so for me, eye makeup needs to be waterproof year-round.

Lately, I’ve run into rough times financially and I’m trying to stretch out my need to spend $20 on cleansing oil, which is my number-one choice for eye makeup removal. In my opinion, nearly everything is expensive in New York. I’m a suburban girl at heart, though, and I’m still used to being able to get something for $3.99 at Walmart. In New York, I feel like I can’t walk out my door without spending 50 bucks. Everything is at least $8.99 in the drugstores, it seems. So now, it’s all about survival. Priorities. Oh yeah, and I got a puppy.

Anyway, if you’re in a bind makeup-remover-wise, all you need are two cute little inexpensive travel-size products and some cotton balls, and problem solved.

Baby oil might be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but I’m not sure if everyone knows how great baby shampoo can be to remove stubborn eye makeup after using baby oil. With both, you are able to easily get all of that gunk off without greasy residue or irritation.

I’ve been slightly concerned about the amount of eyelashes I have left, and I attribute much of my eyelash loss to aggressive makeup removal with soaps and cleansing wipes. It took me a little while to figure it out, but eventually it hit me that I couldn’t keep scrubbing my poor eyes to death. So I picked up travel sizes of some old standbys at my local 7-11: Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and Johnson's and Johnson's baby oil.

These two products can easily and gently remove waterproof eye makeup, and the best part is, the cute travel sizes are just the right size for a cramped bathroom and cost next to nothing. It helps to have tricks like these up your sleeve if you’re like me and totally mismanage your money.

To take off my eye makeup, first, I like to saturate a cotton ball with baby oil. I apply the cotton ball to my closed eye, hold for a few seconds to let the oil soak in and the waxes of my eye makeup break down, and then I gently rub, moving the cotton ball away from my eye. Next, I move to the next eye and repeat those steps.

If you’ve ever gotten oil in your eye, you know it’s kind of weird when you can’t see straight, but that usually goes away in a minute and doesn’t hurt, and regular makeup remover does that too, anyway. It’s never bothered me.

I don’t usually swipe the baby oil over my face unless I have a ton of makeup on. I usually only need it for my eyes, but I’ve used baby oil to remove heavily pigmented lipstick as well.

Next, to remove the greasiness of it all, I like to use a dime-sized amount of baby shampoo to wash my eyes afterwards. All you need to do is lather, and rinse. No repeating necessary, and, as promised, "no more tears."

After blotting my face dry with a towel, I usually follow up by cleaning my entire face with a gentle cleanser or exfoliating product to take care of the rest of my skin, and then I relax with my newly cleaned off eyes.

What do you resort to when you can’t afford your most essential products? Let me know if you try this duo!