You Asked: How The Hell Do I Use Lip Liner?

In today’s video, I’m showing you 4 basic lip liner techniques you HAVE to master.
Publish date:
April 25, 2014
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What tiiiiiime is it? ADVENTURE TIME! I mean, video time! That’s just as good, right? Please excuse any lingering vocal raspiness; I am getting over a sore throat.

Points of interest...

Basic liner technique: 1:05

To Prevent Feathering (featuring a Twilight Zone joke): 1:42

Liner for long-wear, aka THE DINNER PARTY: 2:38

Drawing outside the lines, or, creating extra fullness without looking crazy: 3:40

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Now I open the floor to you lovelies: Do you have any pressing lip liner questions? Ever made a Goofus-style liner mistake, or correct an error with Gallant-style precision? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I used to use white eyeliner around the outside of my lips to make them look thinner, which was a serious misstep.