People-Watching In Seoul: It's Like You’re Turning Pages In A Real-Life Beauty Magazine

Get some inspiration from these local ladies who have cultivated a culture of beauty.
Publish date:
April 17, 2014
nail art, gradient lips, puppy eye, Soko Glam, Aegyo Sal, K-Beauty

One of my favorite things to do in Seoul is to sit back at
one of the (many) cute cafés and people-watch (OK, gawk) at all girls in Garosu-gil,
one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city.

With so many trends and formulas coming out of Seoul,
I knew I was bound to get some inspiration from the local ladies who have
cultivated a culture of beauty. While some trends were fairly common, some really surprised
me. Here’s a snapshot of what real girls in Seoul are loving now.

The quintessential no makeup, makeup look. Looking completely dewy, with a pop of cherry red on her lips. No blush needed (to
accentuate her natural dewy glow), just a basic lined eye.

Straight eyebrow perfection! She has a hint of pink blush on the apples of her cheeks -- but again, not heavy at all because the focus should be on her bright, glowing skin. Her lip color is concentrated in the center of her lips, a totally different take on the gradient lip.

The puppy eye is
the new cat eye. This girl follows the shape of her eyes and tapers the eyeliner down, rather than
curving up.

It’s supposed to make you look more innocent, but she looks chic
and straight-up runway!

In addition to her blindingly bright and dewy skin, this iridescent gold sparkly eyeshadow was this lovely lady's focal point.

Sadly, sparkly lids are super-underrated in the states, though I’m hoping it makes a comeback soon.

Nail art has been popular Korea and Japan since forever, and
I was pleasantly surprised to see it finally make a big splash in the states a
few years ago.

She did them herself. Well, let’s just say I am no longer
proud of my DIY French tips made with paper reinforcements

Think that the Korean no makeup, makeup look is a bit bland
for your taste? Think again, cause this is the best use of red-orange eyeshadow,
like ever.

Also, her hot pink hair is perfection. And she nailed the
aegyo-sal look by highlighting the corner of her eyes and her under-eye fat.

I found a tool that can help you get the look.

She also put a hint of the red-orange eyeshadow at the tail
end of her eyebrows and gold sparkles at the center of eyelids.

After all this beauty stalking for Soko Glam, I felt a bit excluded and finally decided to put on my
face. Well, at least some eyeliner -- and now
I’ve got to get my hands on some red-orange eyeshadow….

What other new Korean beauty trends have you seen or tried?