The Great International xoVain Beauty Swap: Faz Edition

Alle is the best person to swap with ever. Really.
Publish date:
July 2, 2013
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When I was four, my mom was heavily pregnant with my baby brother, and I decided that she wasn’t going to love me anymore. I packed up my precious possessions (namely, my Polly Pocket in my Barbie suitcase) and ran away from home. I didn’t get far (the first floor of our apartment building, and we lived on the second), but I got the spanking of a lifetime when my mother finally found me.

That was how I felt when Marci and Annie first called out for new contributors to xoVain. No longer would I receive witty responses to my pitches from my boss when I woke up on the other side of the world in the morning, neither would she make me giggle when she replies to my tweets. The fresh young ‘uns would get all of Marci’s attention.

Then came Alle. I was apprehensive. She’s Aussie, to begin with--I could never understand them even though our countries are relatively in close proximity. AND THEN SHE STARTED QUOTING MEAN GIRLS. I mean, my iPad has a Burn Book cover and I wear pink on Wednesdays.

She takes cute photos, she loves pink possibly as much as I do, and she has an unadulterated love for glitter. We’re like sisters born in separate continents.

As Alle explained, a series of comments, love notes and emails later, we decided we were going to do a beauty swap. I think there is something incredibly romantic about sending mail across multiple seas, exchanging numerous hands, to get to someone, hopefully safely.

My box (side note: why is box a slang for vagina? My vag is way prettier than a box!) arrived safely in her arms, and her package (heehee, package) arrived in mine just a day later.

She had SO MANY ITEMS all individually wrapped with super cute origami stars. Watch my video to see me rip through everything:

I had to move away from the field because a swarm of ants were feasting on me.

I LOVE everything and I can't wait to slather it all on me. Possibly all at the same time!

I think the best part about writing for xoVain and xoJane, besides the obvious fact that I work for and with pretty amazing women, is the number of people I've interacted with, and made friends with--Alle included, of course. Here's to many, many more beauty swaps, international love letters and friendships forged over pink lipsticks and Mean Girls.