The Ghosts Of Halloween Past: My Costumes Throughout The Years

An embarrassing and adorable journey through the Halloween looks I've attempted throughout my life.
Publish date:
October 15, 2013
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Halloween is my favourite. I don't even particularly like horror films or being scared, but for some inexplicable reason, Halloween is it. I think it's probably the combination of dress-up and mounds of candy.

Who didn't love coming home after trick-or-treating, emptying bags of candy onto the floor, oohing and ahhhing over packs of potato chips and fun-sized Kit Kats, and laughing at the weirdos who decided to give out raisins?

Since I'm too old to collect candy from strangers, lately it's been more about the make-believe. Naturally, as a makeup enthusiast, I'm all about costumes, wigs, and transformation, so Halloween and I are a good match.

These photos will probably reveal how ridiculously dorky I really am, as if you needed any more proof.

Here we go.

This was my first DIY costume. I remember being pretty sad that it was too cold outside to show off my tie-dye vest and super-authentic '70s bell bottoms from Value Village.

Our school uniforms didn't quite match, but y'know. Spiky duct tape ball.

The next year, my friend Phil reused zombie bride, and I went as a brokenhearted elf who sewed her head back on? I don't know either.

This was a last-minute costume made of underwear and tights. I didn't actually get to wear it because when we turned up at the party, there were five people there, and no one was in costume.

I went to a "Dystopian"-themed party and dressed as Rachael from Blade Runner. The only other person dressed up was the DJ, who was a robot. Thank you, London, for making all Halloweens consistently awkward.

Two years ago, I finally got to be back in Toronto for Halloween, so decided to go all out and host a party with some friends. There were jello eyeball shots, glow-in-the-dark brains, shrunken heads, severed penises, the works. Me and my best dude friend decided to be Andie and Duckie. Yes, I sewed that monstrosity of a prom dress.

This year, I've got a pretty neat costume cooked up from my little bro and sis, so I'm pretty stoked (check out some behind-the-scenes action on Instagram).

How do you feel about Halloween? Are you as excited as I am? What are you going as? Tell me, tell me, tell me!