5 Minutes, 1 Product, Super-Pretty Face

When you're both lazy and vain, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is a godsend.
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August 2, 2013
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Some of my family is vain. Don't kill me, I love you. It's true, and I love you. When my formerly plump cousin came back from her summer stint in London a svelte, lean, hot 90-pound machine (from a diet of heartbreak and sleazy romance), in their eyes, she had just received a Nobel Peace Prize.

I think one of the happiest moments of my mom's life was when she found out I was Prom Queen (apparently my high school was into nerdy Daria-alikes who bought their prom dresses from Medieval costume stores). Honour Roll was fine and dandy, but as an Asian girl in an Asian family, fulfilling that criteria was akin to breathing: do or die.

Naturally, my love of makeup and skincare comes from my mother. She taught me all about the importance of skincare and sunscreen, while my dad watched grumpily as I entered the perils of the world of cosmetics.

But sometimes (most of the time), I'm lazy. Most people are surprised when they find out how obsessed I am with makeup because I'm pretty low-key with it. Plus, though I do get pleasure from applying my eyeliner like so, I also treasure sleep above all worldly things.

This is where I praise the makeup gods for creating Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. The texture is as equally wonderful on the face as it is on the lips. It has great staying power, and it lasts forever. I think I've had mine for way more than a year (is that gross?) and there's still loads left.

Pale pink, in particular, is my weapon of choice. This tiny pink pot is my lifesaver on days where I can't be bothered to get ready, but don't want my complexion to verge into Bride of Frankenstein territory.

This is me without makeup. JK, I'm wearing concealer--the world is not ready. My bangs aren't blow-dried and parted haphazardly. Like I said, this is about being lazy. I have no time for you, round brush.

I blend a bit of Pot Rouge on my cheeks and lips (before generous slabs of the aforementioned under-eye concealer, naturally). I use a regular blush brush, which seems to do the trick. A light dusting of powder and we're good to go!

If I'm feeling inclined, I also do a coat of mascara and fill in my brows. (PS: Who hates wearing mascara sometimes, only because it's a pain to remove at the end of the day?)

I'm actually going to try using this product on my eyes today, which I never do, but saw it on StyleNanda (aka the best beauty e-commerce photos ever), so I am going to give it a go.

For this look, I put a tiny bit in the outer corner of my eyelid and then dabbed a heavier amount on my outer lower lash line, blending downwards towards the cheekbones. I think the look is quite fresh and unique. Thanks, StyleNanda!

I realize this isn't my normal how-to piece, but I'm all for products that are about simplifying my life (and hopefully yours). I also got a new camera flash, so I can pretend to be a professional.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge? Which colour do I need to try? Are you into multi-functional products too? Let me know in the comments!