Can Estée Lauder's New Cool-Girl Products Make Me Feel Less Basic?

I'm trying The Estée Edit for a "going out" look that takes only five minutes, in case I ever start "going out" again.
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April 20, 2016
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I've spent the past few months on a real journey of personal wellness. I've been waking up early, eating well, and going to the gym. I cut back on drinking and junk food and I've even (mostly) quit caffeine. My body feels great!

But also, I'm suuuuuuper-boring now. Like, can you imagine anything in the world more boring than that paragraph I just wrote? Can you believe I'm actually talking about working out? Kill me. I've become a nightmare in Lululemon. (Though I hope to soon be a nightmare in Ivy Park, obviously.)

Between my 60 hours of work per week and my commitment to spending one hour in a hot bath every single night, I'm pretty busy. And that means I don't really ever go out anymore. It's super-uncool. I hate myself. I used to be so fun but now I'm, like, responsible or whatever. My parents are so proud. My friends are so confused.

Now that the weather's warming up and I'm sufficiently bored with myself, I plan on going out more often. The other night, I went to a martini bar and met two rad dudes who are designing a new dating app, and I gave them all my valuable insight because I'm the most dateable girl in the world and am full of wisdom. (See: the best dating advice I can offer you.) It was fun, and I remembered how much I do enjoy going out — so long as I still get home at a reasonable hour. Gotta clock those sleep hours, yo.

One of my main motivations to start going out again is to maybe get excited about wearing makeup again, which I haven't been doing lately.

Luckily for lil' ole me, Estée Lauder was kind enough to send over a few products from The Estée Edit collection, a clear ploy for millennial shoppers (such as moi). The line is represented by cool girls Irene Kim and Kendall Jenner, ages 27 and 20 respectively, and sold at Sephora, where millennials have been known to shop.

Packaged in chic white and cobalt-blue, the products are a great range of practical, everyday items with some fun weirdos thrown in as well. My favorite products are the ones that I can wear every day to the office or whatever, but wear for a night out as well. Versatility's the name of the game.

Using a few of The Estée Edit's killer new products, I put together a simple but sexy going out look that only takes five minutes to throw on, so you can still get home at a decent hour.

Let's start with a totally bare face. Here is how I look on any given day, minus the low cut body suit. I work at a children's book publishing company, you guys, come on.

My skin's being pretty chill these days, so I'm skipping foundation and going straight to highlighting. The Flash Illuminator has quickly become my new favorite highlighter. It's not shimmery or glittery, but it just lights up your face and makes you look and feel like a human again.

I mixed a bit of the illuminator with my moisturizer and smeared it all over my face, before applying a bit of extra highlight to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my forehead.

For my eyes, I like to keep things simple but still at least a little interesting. I almost aways wear a clean swipe of black liquid liner across my upper lash line, so for a night out look I wanted something smudgier.

Enter: The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks.

Rather than line my entire eye with black, which can make eyes look smaller, I opted to use black on the top and this golden olive color along the bottom.

These shadowsticks work perfectly as liners. They go on creamy and smudge really well into your lash line, but won't budge during the day. Seriously, I had to break out the heavy-duty eye makeup remover for this stuff.

The black liner is just enough edge for me, while still very casual, and the golden olive liner really helps emphasize the little bit of gold in my brown eyes. I like the look a lot.

For my lashes, I used The Edgiest Up & Out Double Mascara. (Do you guys love these product names? I really do. They're The Funniest.)

The Up & Out Mascara is a two-in-one mascara. On one end, you'll find a big, fluffy wand for max volume and drama. On the other end, there's a smaller, thinner wand meant to lift and emphasize the lashes along your lower lash line and at the outer corners of your eyes.

It's actually brilliant! I always prefer mascaras with big, thick wands (heh) but can never get a good grip on my weird little lashes on the outer corners of my eyes. Those lashes bend in weird directions and big wands can't get in there like this little buddy can.

Oh and since using this mascara, my lower lashes have experienced a major upgrade.

I decided against a bold lip with this look and just swept on some Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Balm, which I have been using since I was seven and will swear by until I die for the perfect slightly flushed pink lip.

I've got a fun little look I can throw together in five minutes, which gives me enough time to down a La Croix and not enough time to change my mind about going out. I'm pretty sure I'll never be cool again — the other night I had a dream about owning a dishwasher (that was the whole dream; it was amazing) — but I'm also pretty sure I never was. Let's get drinks and then get home at a sensible hour!

  • Do you guys go out?
  • What do you wear, makeup-wise and clothing-wise?
  • What are you guys drinking these days? I've been drinking a lot of rosé, like a total bitch.