$10 Fake Eyelashes That Look Like A Million Bucks

Get ready to fall in love with the most perfect false lashes of all-time.

The best part about being a grownup is that you can wear fake eyelashes whenever you want to.

Seriously. From a young age (thanks, ballet) false lashes were my everything. If you looked inside my makeup case, you’d see that I’ve amassed quite a collection. And while I like all the pairs that I have, I can’t pinpoint an overall favorite.

Until now.

Meet the Eylure Naturalites No. 100 lashes--my new favorite fake eyelashes, and your new favorites, too. I'll bet money on that.

Eylure makes about a million lashes in all lengths and thicknesses, but I like the 100s the best. They aren’t heavy (as the "lites" part of the name implies), the bands are SUPER flexible, and they apply perfectly every time. Because the lashes are affixed to the band in clusters rather than a long, dark strip, they’re really easy to incorporate naturally into the rest of your eye makeup. Plus, the No. 100 lashes themselves are a mixture of brown and black hairs, which means that I don't have to slather black mascara onto my blonde eyelashes to get them to blend in.

What makes them my favorite? They look AMAZING on my face. The variety of lengths in each lash cluster mimics the natural variation in real eyelashes, so they don't look fake. You end up with a little extra volume and a little extra length, rather than having to pick one or the other. It’s the best of both worlds, as Hannah Montana would say.

I have a lot of experience with fake lashes, but even so, these are REALLY EASY to apply. First, I measure the lashes against my top lash line and trim them to the correct length for my eyes. Cut from the outer corner rather than from the inner--the lash length gradient is less important there.

Apply a thin line of the lash glue (which is included, and is super good) to the band and wait about twenty seconds for it to dry a little and get tacky.

I use tweezers to position the lashes at the inner corner. Remember, you want the fake lashes to be glued as close as possible to your lash line without adhering them to the natural eyelashes themselves. I always do my left eye first, because it’s much harder for me to do that side and I like to get it out of the way.

Then I let them dry, trace over the band with liquid eyeliner to hide the band (and any shiny glue), and apply mascara. Done! How great do these look?

The correct answer is, "OMG SO GOOD!"

But it's summer, and like a lot of you, I don’t always want to commit to wearing a full strip of eyelashes. Sometimes I want just a little extra glamour, you know? That’s when I get creative and modify my lashes--and these No. 100s lend themselves perfectly to this.

My favorite way to modify false lashes is by making a small strip to glue to the outer edge of my lash line. This makes the outside corner of my eyelashes extra long and fluttery-looking, but doesn't overpower the rest of my look.

This is really easy to do! First, look at the inside corner of the eyelash strip. Usually the lashes will be shorter there, getting longer towards the middle of the band. This is the part you want to use--the length gradient here looks the most natural when blended in with your natural eyelashes.

Decide how long you want your “flicks” to be. I usually count about 6 or 7 individual lash bundles, as this keeps the fake lashes concentrated on the outer third of my eyes (which is the most flattering for me). Trim the band with very sharp scissors, taking care not to cut into the hairs.

Apply your new mini-lash flicks to the outside corner of your lash line, using tweezers to get them in place. When positioning, make sure you keep the longest lashes on the outer corner of your eye so that the falsies flow naturally into your own eyelashes!

Easy, pretty, wearable. Sing, O muse, of summertime lash perfection!

How great does that look? I’ve worn these eyelashes to four weddings so far this summer, and I can tell you that they really hold up under heat, humidity and sudden torrential downpours. I’m so in love.

Do you guys play favorites with your fake eyelashes? Are you as mad for these Eylure 100s as I am? What’s your favorite way to wear them? Tell me all about it in the comments!