The $5 Miami Beach Babe

Also, meet my new intern!
Publish date:
May 31, 2013
lips, Rimmel, bargains, summer beauty, beach beauty, kate moss

Hey, so I'm in Miami NOT straight chillin' on the beach, but rather working. I brought my intern, Brayden, who shot all of those Lindsay Lohan pictures, along with that one pic that pissed off my mom and also Corynne. (But only because she doesn't want to deal with hiring another beauty editor in case of, like, me dying.)

I brought two thrift store dresses, a $10 halter top, a plain black skirt, a bikini, and as much Badescu as could fit in my little clear bag thing. Miami is so glam, I feel out of place! What if I run into a Kardashian!? And by that I mean Scott Disick; I feel like if any of them would judge a scrub, it's him.

Brayden surprised me with this ADORABLE bandana with little green leafs from the liquor store last night. It feels very Fresh Prince does mid-century beach bungalo, right?!

Before we got to the water, we had to buy a lighter, and then Kate Moss happened to be there and told me to try this new Rimmel lip laquer stuff.

It stayed on in the water; the initial gloss-ish finish (think a glossy lipstick, not a gooey consistency) faded into a pretty stain.

So what should we do for the rest of the day? And also brunch tomorrow? Any lil Miami mamas got the hookup?