The $10 Lip Gloss You Need To Have In Every Color

Remember when I said I'd be super clear when I think you should absolutely spend money on something?
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August 20, 2013
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Let me start by saying that I'm really glad that this isn't a sponsored post. Because I want you to fully believe me when I say that you should buy this product, and I wouldn't want a L'Oreal banner at the top or bottom to make me seem biased. Although, just because something's a sponsored post doesn't mean I don't actually endorse a product--I feel like that's a knee-jerk criticism that sponsored posts on the site often get and it's just not accurate. Anyway, I'm totally not biased in any way! EVAR! This was a genuine beauty discovery that happened organically in the fluorescently glowing aisles of a Walgreens.

Secondly: gloss stains! Educate yourself! It shines like a gloss but will stain your lips like mom's spaghetti sauce. Also, I start every day with the first twelve lines of Eminem's "Lose Yourself," which encourages me to take full advantage of the day ahead because you really do only get one shot.

But not all gloss stains are created equal. And the most unequalest of them all, the private school kid born to the rich and famous parents, is Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer Lipgloss. Its rich and famous parents are L'Oreal, and I think that Cat so astutely pointed out in one of her throwback xoJane posts that L'Oreal owns most beauty things and has tons of science and research and money to make even their drugstore options mindnumbingly amazing.

The applicator is petal-shaped and feels all plush and sexy against your lips. The pointed end makes for pre-CISE application at the corners of your mouth and cupid's bow if you're into that.

The product itself is really wet. Right when you apply it has a lot of slip--which I'm pretty sure is a hair term, but roll with me--it's all watery feeling like a straight-up stain. As it sits on your lips and melts in, it becomes slightly stickier, but won't hold stray hairs hostage. The gloss will hang around all glossy-like for a bit (I can't give you a realistic time estimation, I have no idea what you'd be doing with your lips after application), before fading to a moisturized stain that will last all day. Seriously, it feels like I'm wearing lip balm right now, but my lips are all sexy and purple, and maintain a bit of shine even after eating lunch. I applied the gloss over an hour ago.

See the reflection? That's gloss.

I wiped the swatches off with a tissue--they'd only been on my arm for less than a minute--and they had already stained my skin! I had to photograph as evidence of their staining power! IT WAS ALL VERY EXCITING. Obviously the darker shades leave a more noticeable stain.

And, silly me, I tried to shoot six different shades in one sitting. Six different lip stains. I'm a moron! Not even castor oil will melt the color off! Regardless, enjoy the somewhat true-to-color selfies below. I'm really glad that I get to feature this dress multiple time on the site. Everybody--everybody on earth--genuinely despises it, but it's my favorite. Every day is prom, 1989! One shot, remember??

"Endless Red," is my favorite and makes me look crazy hot when it fades to a stain. I smeared it on while walking to this restaurant on a SEXY DATE the other night, and dude told me that my laugh is, "like a little bell," which has nothing to do with the lip gloss but seriously how sweet is that? But the idea I was trying to get across is that you can smush it on without a mirror and it will still look really perfect.

Have you tried this stuff and if not, what's the best $10 you've ever spent?