3 Impromptu Makeup Looks You Can Do In 10 Minutes Or Less

My best tips for a “Drinks? Tonight? Oh now? S**t, OK, see you there” kind of night using only a few products.
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July 2, 2013
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I hate articles about “transition” dressing or makeup. To me, it’s so antiquated to imagine all these blazer-wearing working gals throwing on a pair of heels and statement jewelry to go for after work drinks. Relaaaaaax. Go home, take off your bra, put on a face mask, have a pre-drink drink and then go out.

It’s important to recalibrate. In the summer though, I like to be ready for everything and game for anything, which means sometimes I’m genuinely crunched for time and have to be somewhere, like, right now.

Whether you decide to stop at home first or do a quick change in the washroom at Starbucks, what do you do if you have only 10 minutes to get appropriately gussied?

I can’t say I’ve perfected the art of cinq a sept (or happy hour) but here are my best tips for a, “Drinks? Tonight? Oh now? S**t, OK, see you there” kind of night. The goal here is to be able to accomplish a number of different makeup vibes with only three or four products.


For all of these looks, I’m starting with a layer of tinted moisturizer. It’s summer, so nothing too heavy, please. I think a little sweat looks good.

I love Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer for the balmy months; it’s light and dewy but still gives you a veil of coverage. But because it’s so sheer, you can be a little haphazard about the application without freaking out about demarcation lines or weird face/neck disasters. Key for if you’ve already started white white spritzing.


The eyes are the prize with this one. By mixing your favourite powder eyeshadow with some Smith’s Rosebud Salve or Vaseline, you can create a super-fast, wet-look smoky eye. No real brushes or extra equimpment necessary, just a drop of one and a dollop of the other.

Smooth on lids with your fingers and in 30 seconds you’re KStew on the red carpet pouting in her Balenciaga. Rim the eyes with a black kohl liner, throw on a couple of coats of super-black mascara and drag another smidge of Rosebud salve across the mouth. Done.

This look just gets sexier throughout the night, so don’t worry about going home early.


If you have a tan, half of the work is already done for you, but if you need to fake a bronzaged look or just want to duplicate a Gisele-on-the-beach vibe, then hit up two of my favourite beauty products.

No need for me to sing the praises of NARS Orgasm blush more than everyone other human woman on the planet, but let me just say that if you’re getting ready in a rush, few things are better than this product. In a pinch I apply the powder blush on the apples of my cheeks, across the hairline and on the bridge of the nose to fake a rosy, flushed face. Then I run the powder with my finger over my eyelids, concentrating in the crease.

I finish this look with a slick of the Orgasm lip gloss. “Ugh, what a peach dream,” your friends will say.


I don’t know why, but I think really bright red lips in the summer are the best hot-weather treat, right after ice cream from a truck and sprinklers in the park. It just looks refreshing, like you never break a sweat but if you do, it glows, not drips.

Impromptu balmy, Tuesday night date? Brush your eyebrows up and over with a clear brow gel, slick some of that same gel over your lashes to darken and separate them, and then dress your lips in a hot, hot red.

I love MAC Lady Danger or So Chaud. Like, seriously, so so chaud.

OK, wow, that was so easy, am I right?