I Let A 14-Year-Old Give Me A Makeover

And I loved it!
Publish date:
June 24, 2013
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When I was 14, my favorite makeup was a Bonne Bell trio of pink, baby blue and mint green frosty eyeshadows. I coordinated them with my outfits. I also wore a lot of Clinique loose powder that made me look like a ghost in camera flashes. And did I mention the perm?

Needless to say, I envy today's teenagers when I see the quality and variety of makeup they have at hand. Awkward stages seem to be a thing of the past, at least looks-wise.

Freshly 37, with an office job and bills to pay and a cat to feed and whatnot, I have fallen into a bit of a makeup rut. I walk into Sephora, see the kids applying all the fun, bright, glittery things, and leave with anti-wrinkle skincare and another black eyeliner.

So to add some color and shine back into my life, I decided to find myself a teenager to make me over.

Enter Bailey. Bailey is the daughter of my friends Robyn and Chris. She's 14 and will be a freshman this fall at the prepatory school where I'll attend my 20th reunion next year. We met at the Sephora in Chattanooga's Hamilton Place Mall--which saw a lot of me and my perm back in the day--for our experiment.

Bailey is something of a makeup connoisseur. Last year when she visited me in New York, she convinced me to purchase one of my makeup-bag staples, the Urban Decay Naked2 palette. In return, I accidentally exposed her to subway rats.

She is also very polite and sweet and sometimes it is easy to forget that she's young. But before we settled down with our makeup artist, we walked around to pick out products--and she was wonderfully, delightfully, a 14-year-old in the candy store of makeup that is Sephora. In fact, the first thing she showed me was Too Faced's Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer, which smells just like a Hershey bar. Then she sprayed us both with the Disney Collection's Princess Jasmine-inspired A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer, which emits a cloud of gold glitter along with a pretty orange-blossom fragrance when you puff the atomizer. Chocolate and sparkles! This was going to be fun.

Bailey decided I needed sparkly green eye makeup (I tried not to think of the Bonne Bell) plus gold lip gloss and face shimmer. I couldn't wait.

I went into the makeover wearing some BB cream and concealer, which Jennifer did not remove.

She used a couple of the Naked palette shadows on me as well, as a transition shade in my crease, before applying the Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Walk on the Wild Side, a brilliant shimmery forest green. If I were a color, I'd be this eyeshadow.

She brushed it on then made the color stand out on my lid more by pressing some in with her finger there. Sephora Collection Waterproof 12-Hour Contour Eye Pencil in Fairytale--almost exactly the same color as the eyeshadow but with gold glitter--went on next, on upper and lower lash lines, followed by YSL Baby Doll mascara.

My cheeks, nose and cupid's bow all received a dusting of NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross, which is a gorgeous pale gold shimmer that made me look candlelit, as opposed to greasy like most highlighters do--I'm in love.

The lip gloss--Bailey was insistent on gold lips, and I am so glad she was--is Sephora Collection Ultra Shine in Metallic Copper and has earned a permanent spot in my summer makeup bag.

Then we tried to smize.

I bought everything Bailey picked out for me except for the NARS Albatross, which was not in stock.

Sephora's makeovers--for which most stores take appointments--require a $50 gift card purchase redeemable in product. You can buy what they use on you then and there, or anything else you desire. Professional advice and the ability to experiment is a great deal and, if Jennifer in Chattanooga is any example of the caliber of artists Sephora hires, you'll walk away both prettier and smarter, if a tad poorer.

I knew I needed to take my new look out on the town, so I hung out with a baby goat that evening post-makeover. The eyeshadow showed remarkable staying power in the face of all that cuteness.

And I loved it so much I replicated it for my birthday party last weekend:

The best part about my look is its simplicity. It's bright but completely doable and wearable--a perfect blend of maturity and whimsy that only a 14-year-old could muster. Well done, Bailey!