I Gave My Dude's Dumb Tattoo A Makeover With Fashion Week's Awesomest Beauty Looks

Did I mention it's a SELF-PORTRAIT? I know I didn't, but it is.
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September 12, 2013
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Brayden has this really stupid tattoo... of himself. Below it has his birth year, a hyphen, and a blank space. I'm like, what's the blank space for? Is he planning on having the inscription completed post-mortem?

Also: the portrait. I think that's the first and only instance of Brayden ever wearing a tie, and he doesn't have a teardrop tattooed on his IRL face. He does have a tat below and to the side of one eye, but it's freckle-sized and barely noticeable. He gets it touched up whenever he gets a new one. Kind of like when you go into Neiman's for some products and have the makeup artist fluff some powder on your face and slap on some lip gloss while you're there. Except, you know, permanent.

I'm allowed to say that the tattoo is stupid, because even he hates it. He says he's getting it covered soon, so why not make good use of it while I still can?

I decided, completely sober, to try out three of my favorite makeup looks from Fashion Week on Little Brayden, a la the makeup maps backstage at every show and also all over anything MAC.


Makeup artist Benjamin Puckey used MAC's Chromacakes to create simple, graphic and bright eyes for Margiela's diffusion line (read: slightly-more-affordable-but-not-really line), MM6. The cheeks were subtly bronzed with a sheer orangey-brown, and the lips were a matte, delicate pink.

I used a too-dark foundation just below the apples of the cheeks for that orangey-brown shade. I think he manages to pull it off, still very feminine while maintaining an edgy vibe:

Rag & Bone

Next we have an example of one of the most prevalent beauty themes for Spring '14: the matte, orange lip. Rag & Bone showed it with a taupe lid and clean, angular brows.

Be sure to dab any glossiness off the lips by pressing a tissue gently against them and dusting over the tissue with translucent powder. This will mattify any lip color.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson came out of left field with the super metallic silver makeup for her runway show, which is why she's totally awesome. Huge black brows, cotton candy pink cheeks, and huge pink wigs completed the look.

If you take anything away from this post, it's that NYX's Felt Tip Liner and Salon Perfect's Clear Lash Adhesive are the bomb. Both how you would want a felt tip liner and lash adhesive to work while everything you keep trying falls short. The liner is way dark and contains plenty of ink in the super-narrow tip, and the clear adhesive is CLEAR! So no having to go over any glaring glue lines with liner. Dope!

What's your favorite look on Little Brayden? I'm partial to the last because of the brows, obviously. What do you think he should get to cover it? I know the first thing that comes to mind is a MorphThing-type image of our child, but let's get creative.