Edible Makeup? I Had To Try It

I'm eating makeup.

I'm from the school of NGAF when it comes to "all-natural" or better-for-you makeup. In fact, I don't even care if it claims it's better for your skin. Acne-fighting concealers? It could give my zit cancer for all I care if it covers well enough and long enough to make me look hot for as long as I need to look hot for, feel me?

But recently, more and more makeup brands have been touting themselves as using "food grade" ingredients. To me, the ignorant consumer, I accept that that means that it's good enough to eat. Right?

A more responsible beauty site would tell you that just because something is "food grade" doesn't mean that you should eat it. But you, my friend, have landed on xoVain.com, where Jane Pratt plucks a 22-year-old space cadet out of obscurity and deems her "beauty editor." It's all just words, anyway.

Yeah, so I'm going to eat this makeup. Here's what I'm working with:

I tasted them all, and found a clear winner as far as palatability...

But the real question is: did I die? Nope! Totally fine.

What are your favorite makeup products to snack on?

Oh, and all photos are by former intern Brayden Olson.