Swan-Shaped Eyeliner And Mermaid Eyeshadow, Because You Are An Aquatic Goddess

A water-inspired eye makeup adventure featuring fancy-schmancy eyeliner shapes.
Publish date:
January 7, 2014
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This is one of my favourite makeup tutorials ever, mostly because it wasn't on me. Although I LOVE this job, it gets a little tedious constantly taking photos of your own face. So I was pretty pleased when my friend volunteered to be my makeup guinea pig.

I've known Shyla since we were cynical 18-year-old university students who shared the same distaste for group work. While I remained somewhat bitter, she has since grown to be a lovely young thing, spiritual and positive in many ways.

We wanted to focus the look on something she could wear to her belly dancing performances. Did I mention she's in a belly dancing troupe? (For my Toronto babes, she also teaches a belly dancing/yoga/movement class every Monday at 8pm at AUM Yoga that's completely beginner friendly--I should know!)

Using this amazing Sephora Blockbuster palette I got from my mom for Christmas (with xoVain tutorials in mind, naturally), we went to town. Some of the colours are admittedly chalkier than others, but overall, I think it's a pretty great buy, especially when you're into experimenting with colours. The gel liners are pretty fantastic, too.

We decided on her blues and greens, with some heavy eyeliner in a sort of swan-like shape.

Shyla has beautiful, expressive eyes.

First, I started with a yellow in the inner corners.

Then a green on the rest of the lid.

Finally, I used a darker blue on the outer corners of the eye and blended everything together with a round brush.

Using a liquid eyeliner pen, I did a swan-like design on the outer corner of the eye. Since Shyla hates lining her lower lash line, we took the design only about halfway to give a bit of impact without being overwhelming.

Tip: If you're practicing a new design and get confused with the design after doing one eye, just take a picture of the eye you've finished, flip/mirror it on your phone, and copy onto the other eye.

Here's the final look:

She didn't even wash it off her face before leaving my house. I think I have an unintentional way of making intense looks look strangely subtle? Maybe she was just humouring me.

What do you think: would you do crazy designs with your eyeliner?