Suzy Bishop From Moonrise Kingdom: The 12-Year-Old You Want Doing Your Makeup

I've worn my makeup like this on more than one occasion, and always with a Françoise Hardy song playing in my head.

I’m a huge movie person. I’d rather watch a movie than live real life any day. I love being immersed in a film that allows me to totally forget all my stresses and woes.

While I am by no means the hugest Wes Anderson fanatic around, I can admit that all his films allow the viewer to leave their lives at the door and live within the fantastic stories and visual brilliance and detail.

The last Wes Anderson movie I watched was Moonrise Kingdom (for the second time), and I was once again engrossed by the vibrant offbeat love story, and especially by the two main characters and their distinct physical attributes. Suzy and Sam’s outfits were so amazing that I wanted to be them for Halloween last year. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t have a boy scout’s outfit lying around in his closet.

I’m glad I get to become Suzy in a small way--her beauty look--and I have worn my makeup like this on more than one occasion, and always with a Françoise Hardy song playing in my head.

Kara Hayward did her own hair and makeup for the film, and she was 13, so I’m sure we’ve got this. All we need to accomplish here is youthful skin and the Suzy eye.

Suzy is 12 and, while we can’t become that young with makeup alone, we can get a youthful glow with the right cosmetics.

Use your normal foundation, making sure to blend properly. To banish any dark circles and telltale lines, I’m using Benefit Fake Up concealer, which is really hydrating and is the only concealer that really gets rid of my sinus-related dark circles.

Because Suzy’s look is quite natural, barring her eyes, we’re not using any blush or bronzer, but we will be using a touch of eyebrow pencil, because everyone knows that voluminous brows = youth.

I’m using Essence Eyebrow Designer pencil and filling in my brows the way I normally do, which is to say that I plump them up a bit without overdoing it and looking like they’re drawn on or cartoony.

Now for the eyes.

The look is a bold blue shadow with ‘60s flair. My blue eyeshadow of choice is Essence 3D Eyeshadow in Irresistible Blue Sky, which I’m applying with a wet eyeshadow brush in order to make it more opaque.

The eyeshadow should reach up to your crease only. Once you’ve done this, soften the edges with a blending brush.

Next, I’m using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to line my top lids, making not-too-thick a line and extending a little bit out to create an almost cat-eye effect (so, like, a kitten eye?).

Finish the eyes with one coat of mascara. I love Maybelline mascara forever and ever, and I’m using their Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara.

For the lips, a natural gloss is key. I’m using MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink for the “my own lips but better” appearance.