Does My New Fuchsia Eyeliner Make Me Look Hungover And/Or Infectious?

I broke out of my black-eyeliner routine to try a color that may or may not make me look like I got conjunctivitis at a rager.
Publish date:
March 5, 2014
eyeliners, Stila, colorful makeup

One of my favorite things about myself is my
eye color. My parents and brother have light gray-blue eyes, but I got deeper, darker blues by some genetic twist of fate. Blue eyes are becoming
increasingly rare (though not in Scandinavian Minnesota), and I love mine. I’m
all about enhancing them whenever possible.

I don't wear a ton of eye makeup in my everyday life. It's usually just a couple coats of Lancome Hypnose mascara because my lashes are naturally pretty light. But during one
leisurely stroll through Sephora, I stumbled upon Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in
Deep Fuchsia. Something about the
reddish-magenta shade was screaming my name.

It's not exactly the opposite of blue on the color wheel, but it's
close enough to look a bit shocking against my blue eyes. I own the Cobalt shade from this line and love it; even though
I have oily eyelids, it doesn’t budge all day.

I wasn’t sure if this liner made me look hungover or a bit Bob
, so I sent a picture to a few of my friends. They were completely
divided, but I bought the pencil anyway and decided that Sephora’s return
policy was flexible enough that I could return it if I hated it.

If you’ve had pinkeye before--no shame. You know the look: a bit red around
the eyes, watery, unflattering. And I admit, I’ve rocked the bloodshot/hungover look a
few too many times. I’ve swiped a NARS lip pencil across my lids once or twice
for fun and have always dug it, but I’ve never worn it out in my real life.

I did my standby cat-eye for my first day with the liner and one of
my coworkers stopped me in my tracks.

“I love that!” she said. “It makes your
eyes look so blue.” Of course, I coupled it with a red lip--I’m currently into Sephora. Rouge
Cream Lipstick in The Red.

I tried it with my go-to Naked I shadow look and found that the
combination of the golden-brown tones of Naked I and the red of the liner made
my eyes pop super-blue. With a little blending and smudging, it didn’t look
jarring at all.

What do you guys think? Do I look hungover, or are you digging it?