My Latest Makeup Inspiration: Nefertiti By Way Of Starbucks

I tried to imagine what historical female figure would be most likely to indulge in a caramel macchiato.
Publish date:
May 24, 2013
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“Scores of people are passionate devotees of this signature beverage. So bewitched are they, you’d think it was some kind of magical elixir.”

This is the official description for my favorite drink from Starbucks, the enthralling caramel macchiato. It IS a magical elixir--let’s be honest. I don’t know anything else that can get me up in the morning, besides my cat.

I’ve been a fan of the green goddess on Starbucks cups since I can remember. Her crown evokes the creative spirit in me. So, it’s no wonder that I found myself sipping from that trademark green straw one day and then felt incredibly inspired to match my makeup with this liquid gold.

For inspiration, I tried to imagine what historical female figures would be most likely to indulge in this drink, had it existed in some ancient Starbucks. Joan of Arc? She seems more like a plain coffee kind of girl. Since I get mine iced due to the Louisiana heat, I knew my inspiration had to live somewhere equally sweltering.

Instantly, I was reminded of my books on ancient Egypt, hiding away in the back of my closet. YES.

I scooped one out and flipped to a section of Nefertiti, who, if you weren’t aware, would definitely drink an iced caramel macchiato while she sailed down the Nile. Her likeness is known most famously through her bust, which is sculpted perfection.

Nefertiti has many titles: Lady of all Women, Sweet of Love, etc. Way cooler than any of the nicknames I got in primary school. She was most known for shaking up her own country’s religious ways, so this wasn’t a lady or a look to take lightly.

Using her sculpted bust as inspiration, I found my basis for the look: sharp definition of the features while maintaining a natural color scheme that evoked a royal air.


Eyebrows are often my main focus when it comes to a look. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the magnificent curtains that draw you in.

I found solace in my tasty coffee drink while I plucked my brows to the highest of arches that my sensitive skin would allow in one sitting. I usually don’t pluck, as my eyebrow hair is light enough to go unnoticed, but royal looks require another level of maintenance. (Did Ancient Egyptians wax? I bet they did.)


You’ll want to use sheer or matte eye shadow when it comes to this look. I used Tarte’s Snowfall in Paris all over my eyes (lid and brow bone) and then dusted their Golden Gate Bridge over the lids. If you’d like the illusion of more sunken-in eyes then carefully blend in a medium brown into the crease, unless you have Gollum eyes like myself.

I’m usually rocking the cat eyeliner anyways, so the “Nefertiti meets iced caramel macchiato” wasn’t going to be an exception. I used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner to my liking. Feel free to go as thick as you want with this look, because the Ancient Egyptians rocked that.

Follow up with mascara. I used several coats for this look, as I wanted to make my eyes pop.


Follow your basic foundation routine and break out your inner contouring passion. I used Tarte eyeshadow in Seychelles Sand under my cheekbones and blended it with a large brush to achieve a more dramatic look.

Since the tone of this look is largely natural, feel free to skip the blush or go light with your favorite color.


While I usually love lipstick, I only used lip liner for this look to achieve a natural, matte look. Using The Body Shop liner in Pink Brown, I outlined my lips and filled them in.

Since Nefertiti seems to be working with Angelina Jolie lips, I exaggerated my natural outline a bit. No shame when it comes a royal coffee look, gang.

And there you are, a look to inspire the royal babe in you while you sip your magic elixir. While I won’t be coasting down the Nile any time soon, this look makes my drink taste even better.

P.S. I shaved my head!