Spring Makeup Inspiration: Bare Eyes And Bold Lips

Sometimes less is more!
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March 5, 2015
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I love eye shadow more than any other makeup, and I love getting creative with my shadows to create a bold eye look.

Want to know what I've discovered recently? Sometimes the boldest makeup statement I can make is to strip it down.

Lately that means skipping shadow altogether (sorry, ladies, no blending today) and putting the focus on my lips. I want to make sure my skin tone looks even, since I’m keeping my look mostly bare.

I typically reach for my Neutrogena Shine Control Primer to prepare my face, but recently I’ve been using the Matte primer from MAC instead. I like how it diminishes the appearance of my pores.

Next I grab my new favorite foundation, YSL Fusion Ink, and apply it with a damp beautyblender for a fresher look. Even though I’m skipping the shadow, I still want my eyes to pop, so I make sure to focus on long lashes and a semi-strong brow.

For a healthy flush, I apply Makeup Geek Blush in Spellbound (a beautiful matte soft pink) on just the apples of my cheeks. In keeping with the fresh-faced theme, I also like to add a bit of BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose-Gold on the high points of my cheeks and just above my brows. I love adding a bit of luminizer to my look. It keeps me glowing in the right way!

Since the lips are the focal point of this look I’m busting out some lip liner.

Since I don't have a matching lip liner for the shade of lipstick I'm using--MAC Flat Out Fabulous--I'm lining and filling in my lips with a liner that's close to my natural lip color. For a more precise application, I use my favorite retractable lip brush from real techniques.

I like this look because it's simple yet pulled together. Great for vibe for spring, no?

It wouldn't be LOTW without a glimpse of your lovely faces. Here are my favorite looks from last week's thread.

  • What's your favorite feature to highlight?
  • Do you prefer more elaborate or stripped down looks?

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