If Sonia Kashuk Was Trying to Make Me Feel Empowered with Her New Collection, She Succeeded

The Knock Out Beauty collection combines beautiful makeup shades, beautiful packaging, and an even more beautiful message.

I recently got my hands on some of the products from Sonia Kashuk's new limited edition collection, Knock Out Beauty, which recently launched at Target. The line is a collab with Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, an artist working in NYC and LA, who did all of the incredible artwork for the packaging. Seriously, the packaging is what made me realize I needed this in my life. And after reading about the mission behind the artwork, I was even more excited about the collection.

The goal is to bring awareness to the bullying and social-media driven ideals that have an impact on women's confidence. In a video on Target's website, Sonia talks about how she was inspired to create these new products after seeing Dana Louise's artwork. "I saw these boxing gloves, and I thought to myself, it's all about Knock Out Beauty," she says, "If there's negativity or something negative in your way or in your space, knock it out of the way."

Along with her products, Sonia is working to empower women through social media with an Instagram campaign. Women like Cindy Crawford, Jen Atkin, and Sophie Elgort are using the hashtag #KOBeauty with their selfies to spread messages of positivity. Then they're tagging the women who empower them to pass it on.

The whole issue is so important for everyone to support, especially in our media-obsessed society. I really loved a quote from Dana Louise in Target's video about how Sonia's makeup can boost a girl's confidence: "Every time you're, you know, putting on your makeup, your war paint, you need to be reminded that you're beautiful and that you have value intrinsically."

I loved working with these products because the empowering messages are right on the packaging, reminding you, "You're a Knock Out"

The coolest part of the collection has to be the Smokey Eye Palette in Shadow Box. There are 16 eyeshadows in this tiny palette. I could hardly believe it! And they're all neutrals that I can totally see myself using all the time.

Of course, I'll ignore the placement advice on the side and put the shades wherever I feel like, but it's a good guideline for anyone just getting into makeup.

My favorite part is the packaging. The outside looks super-edgy and the inside has a great little reminder that you're strong and beautiful.

The Six-Piece Smokey Eye Brush Set is pretty great for under $20. I always love a good blending brush, and the pencil brush is perfect for applying shadow under my bottom lash line. The design is fun and totally different from any other brushes I have, so they add a little interest to my collection.

I am a huge fan of the Eyeliner in Split Decision. It's a super-bright cobalt that looks awesome in the waterline, especially along with the shadows from the palette. It's really soft and perfect for colorful spring looks.

Last but certainly not least, I also got the Liquid Lip in Featherweight. The name definitely does the product justice. It's light and creamy — nothing like what I thought when I saw it was a liquid lipstick. It's more of a gloss and adds just a bit of pinkish-nude color to your lips. I really like how it feels, and it's a great product to pair with the liner since the blue makes such a statement.

I put these products to the test to create this look, and I've gotta say, I feel pretty empowered. It's always nice to be reminded of how beautiful you are while you're doing your makeup, especially since so many people use it as a way to hide. Instead, makeup can help you feel stronger, and I think that's a great massage to have on any kind of product.

  • Do you think empowering messages on products are going to get more trendy?
  • Does it feel authentic to you?
  • Does makeup help you feel empowered?