4 Things You Need From Sonia Kashuk's 15th Anniversary Collection

Behold, such attainable glory!
Publish date:
August 27, 2014
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Fifteen years ago, when eighth grade me was barefaced and living under a makeup embargo imposed by my mother, Sonia Kashuk was setting up shop at Target. Three years and one driver’s license attained later, Target was a frequent late-night haunt of mine--because it's open late and never not fun when you're 16 and can't really legally do anything else.

Anyway, Sonia Kashuk was (and still is) a sleek and glittering beacon of makeup hovering somewhere between drugstore and prestige: it outshone more common brands not held in the covetable fold of an “exclusive” distributor such as Targét, and it was more affordable than Sephora and less intimidating than department store counters.

My first Sonia Kashuk purchase--and subsequently my first eye shadow purchase--was a chocolate brown powder shadow that had my name, Sable. I remember it came with one of Kashuk's shadow brushes, which was a BIG step up from the sponge-tipped applicator that came with other eye shadows.

So I guess Sonia taught me one of my first beauty lessons: brushes matter.

After dominating Target's red and white beauty aisles for a decade and a half, Kashuk is celebrating by dropping a limited edition fall collection. You'll notice a wink and a nod to the 15th anniversary in items like a 15-Piece Mini Nail Polish Set and this gorgeous 15-Piece Professional Brush Set.

On top of being pretty to look at, the brush tips are exceptionally soft (especially for synthetic fibers) and dense, so you can pack a lot of product on them if you want to. And I want to.

These weapon-like Kajal Liners are another favorite from the collection. One is for brightening and one is for...being kohl, naturally.

The brightening one is a great, eye-opening alternative to white-lining your bottom waterline. The beige-y color looks much more natural than stark white. Both of them smear and blend easily.

Because I’m a bit of an obsessive organizer, and also because I secretly fancy myself one of those jet-setting girls with a frequent flyer mile credit card and really chic luggage, I’m always collecting cosmetic pouches and travel cases (and things to put in them).

Kashuk has quite a few cases to choose from for fall, but my favorite is this Triple Train Case, because zippers and pockets mean MORE ACTIVITIES!

Meanwhile, this jewel tone eye palette stood out to me as a perfect excuse to do this.

It seemed appropriate to smear every shade in the anniversary collection eye palette onto my face at once. The process was made easier by the fact that I had 15 brushes at hand.

Alternating between the small angled brush and the smaller shadow brushes, I picked up a bit of each color and formed a Conga line of color around my eyes. I also used the black kohl liner on my top waterline and brightening kohl on bottom. Et Voila, Targét chic.

The best thing about these useful cosmetic goodies is that they’re all totally affordable. While I had been piecemeal treating myself to a fancy brush from Sephora for the past several months (years?), Kashuk's full arsenal is a buck less than $40, and pretty much all the makeup is all less than $15. That’s reason enough to celebrate for me.

Raise your hand if you're a Target-holic? What's your favorite Sonia Kashuk beauty buy?