Smith & Cult Miraculously Made Me a Lip Gloss Convert

It took a brand known for nail polish to do the unthinkable and get me glossing.
Publish date:
July 21, 2015
lip gloss, vegan, Smith & Cult

When it comes to makeup, I typically put the most attention on my eyes. Lipstick is great and all, but it's a little too high-maintenance for me (liner, brush, blot, reapplication—too lazy), and so I tend to stick to clear balms at most.

And lip gloss? No. It was always out of the question. The shine seemed dated, and the sticky, icky formulas made me cringe.

That was until Smith & Cult's The Shining Lip Lacquer came across my radar. The horror homage name was what first piqued my interest, followed by the kooky shade names: "Her Name Bubbles," "Flesh Riot," "The Queen Is Dead," etc. were just as evocative as their Nailed Lacquer counterparts.

And then there was the matter of the formula: infused with portulaca pilosa extract (known for being skin-conditioning and plumping) and coconut oil, it seemed like these glosses might leave my lips "dewy" as opposed to coated with a glue-like, sticky look and feel.

Turns out, my suspicions were correct. These glosses are incredibly moisturizing, feeling like the richest, loveliest balm imaginable while shining with gorgeous, sheer shades in both semi-opaque and shimmering formulas. They also smell yummy, and are paraben-free and vegan.

I tried three shades and am a big fan of them all, but "The Lovers" has become my near-everyday essential. It's a melon pink free of shimmer that nicely enhances the hue of my own lips, and the staying power and moisture factor means I rarely need to reapply.

I also tried "Fade The Sun," a peach infused with gold flecks that has a fabulous '60s surfer girl vibe and has become a favourite for going out at night; and "Flesh Riot," a muted rosy mauve inspired by summer that has a finer gold shimmer than "Fade The Sun" and is great for days when you're feeling a more subtle look.

It's safe to say I learned my lesson: never say never to a beauty product, because one will eventually come out of the blue and smack you and show you what you've been missing.

  • Are there any products that changed your stubborn ways?
  • What's your favourite lip gloss?