I Just Tried My First New Foundation In More Than 8 Years, And I'm In Love

I have used the same tube of foundation since high school, but Smashbox's new foundation is sort of blowing my mind.
Publish date:
December 24, 2013
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I'm sure you’re already gasping in disgust. My aged Clinique
foundation is probably swimming with bacteria and way past its best-before
date. I know it belongs in the garbage, but here’s the thing: when I had
horrible acne in high school, I was told by my dermatologist that wearing
makeup on your face is one of the worst things you can do for your skin.

As a
result, I swore off the stuff, and haven’t really tried anything since. I had
my one bottle of foundation in case of emergency, but I was so scared
to make my skin worse that I never used it. This fear ran so deep that my one
sad bottle lasted from grade 9 until this year.

When my tube finally ran out a few days ago (I used it for
under-eye coverage occasionally), I wasn’t sure I was even going to replace it.
I’d made it this far without any full-face coverage, so why would I need it
now? I was also concerned about looking all cakey and fake, but there was of course also a degree of curiosity: What
if I was missing out on something?

Turns out I was. I was missing out on Smashbox’s newest
foundation, Liquid Halo.

Liquid Halo truly lives up to it’s name. Sold in a heavy glass
bottle, it has SPF 15 to protect your skin, is oil-free, and is the only
formula available that uses Smashbox’s new “Pure Liquid Light Technology.” Essentially, this means instead of reflecting light like a normal foundation,
Liquid Halo absorbs and reflects, leaving the skin with a natural, perfect glow
and even coverage. It’s especially designed to make your skin look great under
the harsh light of camera flashes, but is still almost undetectable in person.

really is the stuff of angels; just look at these before and after photos.

Though the price is steep, this bottle is truly a gift flown
down by beautiful angels from heaven above to give us all even, perfect skin
tones. I still won’t be using foundation everyday, but this is definitely my
new go-to for special occasions, and I have a feeling this bottle won’t be
lasting 8 years.