I Love These '90s Lip Colors from the Revamped Smashbox Be Legendary Line

I'm a '90s kid, so it makes perfect sense.
Publish date:
July 12, 2016
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I looooooved the ‘90s. I mean, I probably loved them because I was born in 1987, so the ‘90s were a freewheeling decade of childhood fun: no bills, no jobs, no high school dramarama.

Everything was great in the ‘90s, especially from 1996 to 1998, which were my favorite years of childhood. We were just old enough to run around our small town on our own, and then we were #blessed with ‘90s phenomena like the Spice Girls, Titanic and Beanie Babies.

It was, in my opinion, a great time to be a tween. Don’t you remember those hazy summer days spent watching Pop-Up Video and running through the sprinklers to a soundtrack of “How Bizarre” and Hanson?

Though I look back on the ‘90s so fondly (I even have sweet, sentimental memories of “The Macarena” summer), I haven’t really embraced the resurgence of ‘90s trends like tattoo chokers, overalls, crushed velour, breezy Amy Byer-esque floral shorts and the like. I see them on teenage girls all the time and think, Those girls are dressed just like my favorite babysitters.

However, I do like the unexpected pairing of summertime skin and a dark, weirdo lip, so I asked my friends at Smashbox to send over some of their relaunched Be Legendary Lipsticks in the browns and mauves of my childhood.

The new Be Legendary lipsticks come in two finishes: creams and mattes. Hey! Those are my favorite formulas! There are 14 matte shades and 12 creams, so it’s a pretty big relaunch. According to Smashbox, the colors were all made in their L.A. labs and intended to photograph true to hue and comfortably last for hours.

So I threw on my favorite '90s thrift-store slip dress, cranked up an appropriate Spotify playlist and got to testing.

Witchy is a reddish-brown sheer cream lipstick with just a hint of plum. I guess that makes it burgundy, huh? It needs a few coats to be opaque, but you could blot it on for a stained effect in the vein of iconic ‘90s lipstick, Black Honey. Witchy gives me serious Black Honey vibes.

Coffee Run is a much truer brown with less sheen than Witchy. I’ve been wearing this one a lot with just bronzer and a teeny bit of mascara, and I'm totally digging how it makes my tan and my blue eyes go “BAM!” I also like to blend it with my favorite reds to make them deeper and earthier.

Safe Word is on the opposite end of the spectrum: it’s a matte neutral pink that is sooooo not something I would ever normally wear, given my aversion to nudes. (I give all my nude lipsticks to my childhood BFF, Emily.) However, I like Safe Word’s MLBB effect and the fact that it’s practically the most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve ever worn. For a matte devotee like moi, that’s really saying something.

Wearing these ‘90s-inspired lipsticks makes me feel almost as cool as my childhood babysitters. All I need is a floral babydoll dress and some glasses and braces! OK, maybe not.

  • Do you miss the ‘90s? How old were you in 1997?
  • Are you wearing ‘90s-inspired makeup? Why or why not?
  • How long do you think it’ll take ‘00s beauty to “come back?”
  • What do you think about brown lipstick? I’m coming around.