These Smashbox Liquid Lipsticks Are So Good It Almost Pisses Me Off

Like, congrats on the top-notch product, Smashbox, but you didn't need to show off so much.
Publish date:
August 8, 2016
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Everyone and their brother is reformulating their lipsticks and launching new, better, and more exciting liquid lipsticks. It's like the Olympics for beauty buffs right now, and I am down to test 'em all, including the newly launched Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick.

The very first time I put on one of these Smashbox liquid lipsticks, I was in the car (not driving, obviously) going, I don't know, maybe 70 along a very bumpy highway in the middle of nowhere on my way back home from visiting with my grandparents. My skin was finally almost recovered from a whole face-reaction thing I had going on, and because of it I had been staying away from makeup altogether for well over a week. I had to sit on my hands and live vicariously through swatching the lipsticks on my hands a good 10 times.

Hoo boy! These guys carry pigment — and the kind where you wash your hands (post-swatching for the seventh time) and still can't get the little ghost swatches off for a while.

Applying in the car was, um, challenging, because I didn't want to spend half my day trying to clean up my lip line, so it took a good long while. In normal sitting-and-doing-your-makeup positions, it's much easier.

I like to start at my cupids bow, lining up the angle of the doe foot with the angle of my lip. I make a V shape to get that angle just so, and then fill in the rest of my lips with the applicator turned flat.

This applicator makes it unbelievably easy. The angle of the tip is just enough to let you get precise lines without it being too sharp or too small. It also has the handy-dandy hole in the center of the doe foot that holds an extra little glob of the lipstick. This lets you get a whole lip done without needing to double-dip in the container.

Chill Zone

Color-wise, the range has a lot of strong reds, pinks, and nudes — you know, the standards. But they also have a couple of great less-usual shades like Chill Zone.

It is an ever-so-slightly lavender-turned-gray that isn't something I'll wear a lot in the 90-degree heat and outfit choices I am making right now, but come fall and winter, this one will get a good bit of airtime, I expect.

Girl Gang

The formula is matte but not a chalky, dry matte that makes every little line in your lips look 10 times deeper and for whatever reason always reminds me of Dementors.

Instead, it is slightly creamy, which lets the lipstick be comfortable. It's thick enough that you'll feel it on your lips if you are actively thinking about it, but not enough that you'll constantly feel it bugging you all day.

It sets down, but not to a totally budge-proof/kiss-proof situation. You'll get some coffee-mug transfer, but not so bad that it looks like you had a moment with the mug.

Thrill Seeker

I actually tried Thrill Seeker first because something about an orange-y red always bumps up my mood a good 10% or so, and when you're stuck in a car for hours on end, you kind of want that sort of thing.

I've found that the formulas of these are, across the board, the same. Like, not a one was a dud. No tugging on the lips when you apply it, no patchiness, no need to do multiple coats to get a good finish.

And it will wear pretty much all of a workday. It won't last you from dawn till dusk till dawn again, but I was able to eat two greasy meals on the road and only have the tiniest bit of the inner part of the lip showing by the end of the day.

These lipsticks are absolutely top-notch. Like, congrats on the gold, Smashbox, but you didn't need to show off that much.

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