5 Tiny Tweaks That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Everyday Makeup Look

When I'm in a makeup rut, I adopt a new look by making subtle changes with a big impact.

In the past, I’ve been pretty experimental with makeup, but I’ve noticed this year that — with the exception of Look of the Week and the rare special occasion — my look is pretty much the same day to day. I’m the kind of person who likes to try new things but somehow always gets wrapped up doing the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes, I like to jump head first into a new look, but sometimes it’s easier to adopt a new look by making subtle changes to things I already like. Here's how.

If you play up your eyes as the dominant feature, try going sans eye makeup and rocking a bold lip instead

I’ve done this on occasion before, but I am someone who lives by eyeliner. This no-eye-makeup/bold-lip combo became my go-to for a few weeks in a row. It's got maximum impact with very little effort, and it saves me so much getting-ready time!

If you love blush, try skipping it and using bronzer instead

I live for Makeup Geek Blush in Spell Bound (it’s one of three blushes in my arsenal that I’ve actually hit pan on) and, in general, I always wear blush. Lately, though, I’ve been really obsessed with bronzers (more on that to come). While I use them a lot in conjunction with blush, I also think bronzer looks great swept on the cheeks in the place of blush as well. It’s a more neutral look, but I really like it.

If you swear by winged liner, try skipping the wing and stopping at the end of your eye instead

This one is hard for me because if I’m going to do liner, it’s probably going to be a winged/cat-eye situation. I think switching to just a line across the top of the lash line still gives your eye definition, but it changes up the way you perceive the shape of the eye a little. When I have a wing, my eyes look more elongated, but when I stop at the end of my eye they look a bit more rounded.

If you always wear a bold lip, try a softer hue instead

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been loving softer pink or nude lipsticks lately, but that was a bit of a transition for me. Before I got into makeup, I wouldn’t be caught dead with anything more on my lips than lip balm or gloss, but soon enough, I was bold lips all the way. Once I found some softer hues that I really liked, my collection of them grew, and now I find myself reaching for these shades even more than my favorite reds.

If you always wear a matte lip, try a gloss

Matte lipstick is 100% my jam, but I’ve been transitioning into wearing more creamy and glossy finishes as summer approaches. It’s funny because the gloss that I once loved is really hard for me to get used to on my face, but I’m working on it!

  • What makeup routines do you find yourself getting stuck in?
  • How do you switch it up when you need a change?