The Eyeshadow Palettes I Discovered While Drowsily Shopping Online In The Middle Of The Night

I’m not a fan of buying strange cosmetics online, because of the whole strange cosmetics part. That said, I’m a sucker for packaging, free shipping, terrific reviews, and anything under $10.
Publish date:
March 10, 2014
eyeshadows, shopping, palettes, sleek makeup

It’s 2am. I’ve been staring at the
items in my Amazon shopping cart for a full five minutes. I think. Scratch
that--time doesn’t make sense right now. It seems like I JUST put the kid back
down and crept out of the room. In reality, that was almost two hours ago.

I just needed some peppermint oil,

But I was still $12.47 short to get
that sweet, free Amazon shipping.

I buy almost everything that’s
non-perishable from Amazon. If I get to choose between paying a 10-50% markup to navigate a curiously
bustling box store (seriously, SOME of these people have to be actors,
right?), or buy it at 2am wearing my
tight pants, from the comfort of wherever I happen to be sitting currently? Is
that even a choice?

After scrolling through the endless possibilities
on my wish list for far too long, I strayed from what I knew--my sensible
essential oils, records from bands I’ve never heard of, and tiny boat parts--I
saw it in the "recommended items" bar: a shadow palette, limited-edition-something, free-shipping-qualified. Bingo.

A minute of furious clicks,
and it was done: I’d ordered some cheap drugstore palette from the UK.

I’m not a fan of buying strange
cosmetics online, because of the whole strange cosmetics part. I like to see
something in person, to know what type of quality and colour I’m dealing with.
I don’t like to spend money in general, and wasting it is the absolute worst.
That said, I’m a sucker for packaging, free shipping, terrific reviews, and
anything under $10.

In the clarity of day, I read some
reviews for Sleek MakeUP; most of them were raves, and although I was stoked to
try something new, I also hoped that I hadn’t just been seduced by cleverly
arranged colours and gorgeous names like "Lagoon" and "Shangri-La." Eyeshadow
palettes can be prettier as palettes than as makeup, and I was really hoping I
didn’t just buy makeup I’d never wear.

I rarely wear eyeshadow, because,
well, I don’t wear a lot of makeup in general. So when the palettes finally
arrived, I was determined to play with the colours as much as possible. And
then I braced myself when I opened them, hoping that what I THOUGHT I
remembered they looked like was somewhere near accurate.

It wasn’t.

Oh boy. At first blush, that’s a
LOT of yellow and blue. The palettes are smaller than I thought they’d be,
but I was optimistic that between all
the greens and yellows I’d find some colours that I could actually use.

shadows are mineral-based and very smooth to put on, and come in a variety of
finishes--matte, shimmer and pearlescent.

The Shangri-La palette looks like
it’s basically a smoky-eye palette, as it has a balance of light and dark
hues, mostly matte finish, with good blendability. Shades of gold, grey, olive
and blue, with highly-pigmented dark neutrals make up this palette, and it’s so
well-thought-out, I could experiment with it forever. It’s basically formulated JUST for my olive
tone, which meant some of the lighter yellows completely disappeared.

Overall, it’s a pretty utilitarian mix of shadows, and applied with a wet brush, the
darker colours are terrific liners.

The Lagoon palette is trickier.
Clown red, lots of shimmer, grape, gold and a barely-there shimmer, it doesn’t
look like my cup of tea, but I was determined to try some colourful looks.

Blue-hued greens look pretty alien against my skin, so I did a pretty dramatic
blue-green cat eye to illustrate the colour mismatch. Then, I was way too happy
to smudge on a black and copper smokey eye, one of my all-time favourites on my
hazel eyes.

The I mixed the two palettes to
meet somewhere in the middle; a subtle, yet colourful smokey eye. I went with
some lower-contrast colours so it would be daytime-appropriate, swapping out
mint for white, and navy for black.

I’m pretty pleased with my random,
nocturnal purchase. The compacts themselves are burly, and have remained intact
despite knocking around in my bag for a few days, and the giant mirror included
is way handy.

Are you a Sleek MakeUP fan? Which palette should I
get next (I'm leaning towards either Storm or Snapshots)? Other things I’ve bought during episodes of
insomnia: a pile of cheap wigs, a box of wave clips, a bundle of adorable,
useless Japanese lip gloss shaped like mushrooms, and green glitter polish. Do
you shop half-asleep? Tell me about your midnight loot!