This Highlighter Palette Proves You Don’t Have to Go Broke to Get a Good One

Publish date:
July 15, 2016
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Highlighters are everywhere right now, but until recently I had pretty much only used Benefit High Beam and whatever assorted shimmery eye shadows I could pick out of my stash. With the so many mega-bucks palettes causing a splash, I wanted to try a highlighter palette at a drugstore price to see if I could get an expensive-looking result.

The very nice people at Sleek sent me their pretty Solstice Highlighting Palette after I saw my YouTube fave NikkieTutorials using it. Here's the lowdown.


The Solstice Highlighting Palette costs $14.99. That's significantly cheaper than some high-end palettes available. It's quite small, but let's be real — this is probably all the highlighter I'm ever going to need unless I plan on doing the highlighter challenge every day.


I love the way this palette looks! The gold is super-cute in my opinion. It's made of light plastic but it feels sturdy, and inside there's a good-size mirror. The palette comes with a brush that is pointless, but that's the same with all free brushes, right? Seriously though, the brush sucks. It's really coarse and doesn't apply the product smoothly. It also scratched my precious baby cheekbones, so boo to you, brush.

Product consistency & color

There are four colors with three different finishes. Clockwise from the top right we have: Ecliptic, a pale pinky nude cream; Hemisphere, a baked shimmery lilac powder; Subsolar, another baked powder in a peachy bronze color; and Equinox, a white-gold powder with a buttery consistency.

Ecliptic, the cream, is fantastic for getting a light glow. It doesn't feel greasy at all, and sets nicely if you pat it on with a finger.

The two baked colors, Hemisphere and Subsolar give a good sheer wash of color. I found that Hemisphere didn't have quite the purple payoff I was looking for, although maybe the yellow undertone in my skin just neutralizes it. Subsolar, which I was expecting to be a bit muddy actually comes out as a beautiful peachy nude that worked well for my skin tone.

Equinox delivered a lot of shimmer; probably too much to use on my cheekbones personally. It reminded me of Albatross, the highlighting blush from NARS. However, the richer texture makes it the perfect consistency for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes, as you'll see below.

Product in action

I started with the cream Ecliptic, using my index finger to inadvertently flip you the bird and also tap the product across my cheekbones.

I wanted to up the ante, so I grabbed a duo fiber brush and layered Subsolar, the peachy shimmer, over the layer of cream. These two formulas worked really well together.

Finally, I gave my eyes an extra little something by applying Equinox to the inner corners.


I like this palette a lot! It's compact, cute, and the color payoff was pretty much what I was looking for. Incorporating highlighting into my routine was something I wanted to do this summer, and Sleek gave me an affordable way to do it. Drugstore does highlighting and it does it well!

  • Are you a fan of Sleek?
  • Do you own any highlighting palettes?
  • Has any makeup company ever included a decent brush with a palette?