You Asked: How Can I Figure Out My Signature Makeup Look?

A "makeup uniform" is one of the most useful things you can have in your repertoire. Here are my best tips for how to discover YOURS.
Publish date:
February 21, 2014
How-To, advice, videos, signature styles

Hi guys! Yay, time for another video--this week addressing the question of signature makeup looks. Hopefully, you can all see the video below, but if not, watch it straight at the source here.


• My signature look and “just knowing”: :37

• Alle’s list of demands: 1:07

• Step one: Consider your face. 1:33

• Step two: Aesthetics, a Cher for all seasons and the style detective. 1:46

• Step three: Thinking about your life, featuring the Queen of England. 2:22

• Step four: That thing I’m always yelling about. 2:53

• A final warning: 3:11

All questions can be sent to me via Twitter, Facebook or right here in the comments! Please don’t really send any owls to my house, though. Oliver really might get jealous.

Do you guys have a makeup uniform? What is it? How did you discover it? I filmed a segment for this where I talked about how I found each of the individual elements of my look, but I had to cut it out due to time constraints. If you guys want to know how I came to fall in love with shimmery cheeks, etcetera, let me know, and I’ll post it in the comments!