What Would Your Personal Brand's Signature Color Be?

Mine would definitely be bronze.
Publish date:
January 12, 2016
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There are plenty of brands amongst my favourites, but if there’s one brand I’m loyal to above all others, it’s my "personal brand." I’m not too concerned about cultivating a particularly perfect-seeming online presence, but there are definitely things that are true to me (feminism, a love for brunch, literary references) and things that aren’t.

When Sigma launched a range of products in their signature "Sigma Pink" shade last year, it made me wonder what colour my personal brand would be. I mean, I never wear pink lipstick because it gets on my teeth and makes them look yellow. I don’t wear black gel eyeliner because my hooded eyelids just suck it right up and make it disappear.

One colour I can’t go past, though, is bronze.

We’re always told bronze looks good paired with blue eyes, which is true, but I think it emphasizes my brown eyes, too. It’s a really easy colour to just scribble on as an eyeshadow, as the colour blends out well even on its own without any transition shades.

In this makeup look I used Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick in Bad Gal Bronze. The Rimmel shadow sticks are really good, but pretty much every brand out there does them.

The other awesome thing about bronze makeup is that you can use one product pretty much all over your face. I like to use the bronzer I’m wearing on my cheeks here as an eyeshadow as well; it saves time and pretty much guarantees that your look will be cohesive.

I picked up the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit recently, and while it’s not my favourite-ever bronzing product (it’s glittery and leans orange), it’s fun and pretty and looks good as an eyeshadow, too.

Of course, you can wear bronze on your lips, too, and although metallic lipstick is a bit of a '90s throwback, I don’t think it looks that unusual (not that I’m too bothered about weird lip colours).

This lipstick is Clinique High Impact Lip Colour in Sassy Spice, and I love it. Clinique describes it as a ‘pearlised spicy brown’, and they’re not wrong. Somehow it makes my teeth look whiter, too.

While I’m not going to restrict myself to wearing only bronze makeup, I can recognize that it is my default fall-back if I’m in a rush or not sure what to wear. I also know I can wear it without anyone commenting on it, which is good if I’m having a day where I’m not up to defending my personal presentation choices.

The other thing about imagining my personal brand? I get to imagine what the packaging would be like. I’m picturing metallic bronze cardboard packaging, compacts in brown velvet pouches. My lipstick collection would have all its nude shades replaced with bronzes for all skin tones. And metallic mascara. Why is that not a thing already!?

What colour would your personal brand be?