This is the Perfect Gift for the Makeup Brush Hoarder in Your Life

These towers hold (and dry and shape) up to 92 makeup brushes!
Publish date:
December 18, 2015
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Somewhere in the last few years, I went from having a small set of four or five makeup brushes to owning somewhere close to 50. F-I-F-T-Y! I’d like to pretend that I’ve reached this number solely because of my freelance opportunities, but that’d be a big, fat lie. I love trying new brushes and finding different ways to apply my makeup with them.

What I don’t love is cleaning them, especially when it comes to finding a convenient way to dry them.

I discovered the wonderful world of brush trees last spring and had some pretty good luck with the Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree. However, as I amassed more and more brushes and started using them more and more for freelance work, I began to have some difficulty being able to dry all my brushes at once.

I’d been debating buying another brush tree when Sigma sent me their new brush tower.

Mind. Blown.

The Sigma Dry‘n Shape Tower is available in three different options; a tower for eye brushes only ($39), a tower for face and eye brushes ($49), and an extended face and eye tower ($69).

I received the full set, which holds 68 to 92 brushes (68 when stacked altogether vertically, 92 when you split it into two towers).

What I like about this tower (aside from its size) is that it really holds the brushes in place securely. I've noticed with ther brush trees that, over time, the silicone grips weren’t holding up as well in some of the bigger brush slots; I really appreciate that the Sigma tower has grips that actually snap your brushes in so you don’t have to worry about them sliding out.

Additionally, the tower features tight elastic holders to re-shape the bristles of your brush while they dry. There’s something really satisfying about not only having freshly cleaned brushes, but also having them feel like I just took them out of the box.

The only thing I didn’t love about these shapers was that the elastic is so tight, it was a little difficult to get some of my brushes in there; especially the ones that tend to widen at the end of the handle.

As far as assembly goes, this is really easy to put together. The kit comes with the individual tower “discs” and connectors, and each “disc” or base piece is labeled so you know what goes where. Each connecter gets twisted into a base piece in order to lock it into place.

As someone who has a ton of brushes to keep clean, I appreciate that I can dry them all at once, in one unit, and help them maintain their original shape. I think any of the tower options would be a great gift for the person in your life that is a makeup brush fanatic/hoarder.

  • How many makeup brushes do you own (please tell me I’m not the only obsessed one here)?
  • Have any of you tried brush drying devices? What have been your favorites?