Marry, Date or Dump? I’m Rating Sigma’s New Fall Launch

I may be riding off into the sunset with some eyeliner.

Sigma Beauty has been one of my sources for makeup brushes for a while, but I’d never gotten around to testing out any of their makeup products until recently. When Sigma asked me if I wanted to check out their new fall line-up, I jumped at the chance to check it out!

Here’s what I’d "marry, date or dump" from the new products and colors.

Sigma Aura Powder, $19

This blush/bronzer comes in six shades, ranging from light to darker tones. There's a pretty decent variety, and I think you could find a shade that would work for very fair skin tones as well as for darker skin tones.

I like a blush that I can put on in the morning and know is still going to be there at least a little bit by the time I get home from work. These held up in that regard and I love how pigmented they are. A little bit goes a long way here as far as color payout.

My favorite shades were In the Saddle (matte bronze) and Cor-De-Rosa (a dusty coral) because they give off a natural flush, and I think that the Sigma Pink shade would be gorgeous on darker skin.

I like these a lot but I’m not sure they will be my HG blushes. Only time will tell!

Verdict: Date (with a possible engagement down the road)

Sigma Lip Eclipse, $17

This is listed as a liquid lipstick, but it shares more similarities with a creamy gloss (think MAC Cremesheen Glass or NYX Butter Gloss). When I hear "liquid lipstick," I expect major staying power, but I felt like these were a bit messy and they didn’t last as long as I would like. I’m also more into a matte finish when it comes to liquid lipsticks, but these stay creamy. I think you’d definitely have to wear a liner if you were planning on using these. The pigmentation is crazy, though—only one swipe yields full opacity.

I only got to try three of the five shades, and they were all really bright/intense and not necessarily wearable on me (with the exception of the Sigma Pink Shade).

Not my cup of tea.

Verdict: Dump

Sigma Power Liner, $14

These lip liners are very smooth to apply and they have excellent pigmentation. I wore one alone as a lip color all day and made it with only a post-lunch touch-up being necessary. I also used them in conjunction with the Power Crayons (up next) and felt that they performed well as both a primer of sorts and in keeping the lips looking clean/sharp.

My only complaint is the shade selection. For a fall launch, I was hoping to see some more dark colors (berry, wine, red, etc.), but all of these shades seemed to be really bright and better suited for spring/summer or fairer skin tones.

Verdict: Date (if you like the shade selection)

Sigma Power Crayon, $15

I’m a fan of chubby lip-color crayons and I thought these were very nice. They apply smoothly, have great pigmentation, and wear very well. The finish on these is semi-matte, which I love, but again, my only complaint is that the shade selection kind of misses the mark.

Verdict: Date the Power Crayons before settling down with the shade Own It

Sigma Embellish Lash, $19

I love how different the color options are here because you can play with some more offbeat looks. The shades are hard to capture on film but are definitely obvious in real life.

The mascara itself wasn’t clumpy or flaky and also wasn’t a pain in the arse to remove. My only issue here is a personal preference thing: I’m not a huge fan of the bristles. I like the traditional bristles because I feel like they build up my lashes better and deposit color more intensely, but the Embellish lash features spread-apart rubber bristles. If you’re more of a length and separation fan, though, they’d be a good fit for you.

Verdict: Marry or Date (depending on your bristle preference)

Sigma Line Ace, $14

I’ve used these liquid liners like crazy since I got them because they are fantastic (I've also used them in LOTW here and here).

The finish on these is a nice, flat matte, and they do not budge. Two shades in the line seem to be a little too dry (Monogram and Robust), so they showed some cracking, unfortunately, but the others are so good that I’m wondering if I just got a couple of duds.

My favorite is Legend because it gives me the most perfect matte black of my dreams. I also love the variety of colors!

Verdict: MARRY!

Here's a look at some of the products in action:

  • What are your favorite Sigma products?
  • What are you most looking forward to in this launch?