I Avoided Eyeshadows From Asian Beauty Brands For A Whole Decade, Until Now

I thought they look best on fairer-skinned folks, but now I'm eating my words.
Publish date:
November 7, 2013
eyeshadows, brown skin, Shu Uemura

I have a prejudice against beauty brands that come from Asia. I know that’s detrimental to my fellow Asians’ economy, but I have a reason for it.

When I was 17 and finished my first internship at a magazine, I cashed my check and went straight to a Shu Uemura beauty counter because a friend in college was raving about their foundation. Here she was, meek little 17-year-old Faz who didn’t know anything about beauty; she mustered up enough courage to come up to a beauty consultant only to be shooed away complete with hand gestures and was told, “No, no! We don’t have dark skin here.”

Thanks, guys.

Of course, this was 10 years ago. While I still have no luck finding drugstore foundation in Singapore in my shade, brands like Bobbi Brown, NARS and Face Atelier have been saving graces when it comes to foundation for women my color these days. I’m also the darkest shade in the foundation spectrum in Singapore too.

I have been back to Shu Uemura since, but only when I desperately needed a replacement for my trusty eyelash curler. I figured, if they didn’t have foundation my color until today, they wouldn’t have anything else that goes with dark skin.

Turns out, Shu Uemura proved me wrong. They still don’t have foundation my color, and they’re touting some skin-whitening products, but man, their eyeshadows are killer-awesome.

I went for an event recently and they did up my eyes. Turns out, their eyeshadows are very pigmented, and as you can see, it shows up beautifully on my skin.

I tried several other colors to make sure, including a matte blue and a deep green -- and I was surprised.

The makeup artist at the event told me that the “Shu technique” is to dab and press the shadows on your lids instead of sweeping it across. (Um, I don’t think that’s just the “Shu technique,” mister; we’ve been preaching that eyeshadow application at xoVain, too.)

Nevertheless, I left the event with two new eyeshadow colors that I love, and a little renewed faith in Asian beauty brands.

Have you avoided a beauty brand for any reason? Why?