Help! I Can't Decide If I Should Wear Blush

Namely, EXPENSIVE blush.
Publish date:
August 7, 2013
blushes, shimmer, Dior

One day, I was feeling really low. I thought I was the ugliest person on the planet. You know, one of those days.

To self-soothe, I took myself to Bloomingdales and plopped into a chair at the Dior counter and let one of their lovely makeup artists have their way with me. I ended up loving the new luminous look, and I dropped some major dough on the products they used on me.

Sometimes I really don’t understand what brings me to do stuff like that--I totally don’t have that much money. But anyway, I came home with two types of blush and an adrenaline high from buying a bunch of fancy cosmetics on credit. It didn’t quite cross my mind yet that I was coming home with two seriously out-of-character items.

Typically, I’m not a blush person. I try, but it never quite happens. Sure, I look dead when I first wake up, but over the course of the day I tend to flush naturally over the slightest thing. Someone complimenting my shoes can turn me purple. If I was one of the seven dwarves, I would be Bashful.

So why did I buy so much blush? I can’t figure it out to this day, but I’m stuck with ‘em now. The real question is: Should I bother using them?

One of the blushes I got is a shimmer brick with stripes of metallic rose grading up to white. The official name is Diorskin Poudre Shimmer in 001, Rose Diamond.

The other blush I got is actual blush, hence the name Diorblush. I went with shade 839, Rose Vintage, a seemingly neutral dusty rose on the one side with a gold-flecked pink on the other. The rose color totally reminds me of NARS Orgasm, another blush I have purchased in the past and then never again for some unknown reason. Again, I have blush issues!

When I do wear blush, I normally apply it to the centers of my cheeks in two straight lines outward, and I blend. I put blush on this way because I have a narrow face that I’d like to appear wider, and the makeup artist used this technique on me. I can’t bring myself to research all the different blush application methods under the sun. I think the way you apply blush is specific to the shape of your face.

After the blush is on, I apply the shimmery highlighter to my cheekbones. One cool thing about the Poudre Shimmer is that it is so finely milled, it doesn’t look like there are any sparkles on your face, just a slightly blurred, light-attracting effect. I kind of like it, but it seems impractical for every day.

I really want blush to work for me, but I honestly can’t tell if I look cute or if I look like I have hypertension. When I first got the Dior blushes, I wore them every day, partly out of buyer’s guilt; but a few months ago, I stopped wearing blush and powder completely because I was seeing how long I could go without face makeup, and applying powders over sunscreen is always dicey.

My problem is I have no idea if blush actually makes me look better, or if I should skip it altogether.

I’m ambivalent, so I’m asking you for help. Blush or no blush? What looks better?